10 Oct 2018

Back From The Blogging Abyss

"Don't call it a comeback" - LL Cool J

The last few months have been pretty wretched for blog content, as I tend to be swaying towards the general direction of photography as opposed to writing these days. There have been a lot of times where I've sat down, began to formulate a blog post and I've just thought to myself "literally no one gives a fuck about this". The thing I seem to have forgotten is that I set up this blog for myself, not for anyone else. So if I want to write down the ramblings of a maniac on my personal space then I will.

With all that being said, I had a really good time this past weekend. It made me realise that I really do feed off being around other creative people, something that has been missing for a good while. It definitely helps having an extra set of eyes when looking for the perfect shot, location spotting and most importantly for me finding the best light (consuming lots of coffee also helps).

Last week i was contacted by BoohooMAN about collaborating again, after I previously worked with them on their tailoring launch.
This time the focus was on jackets and denim, so I chose this lovely Brown Cord Jacket. Autumn has crept up on us and a huge trend for this season will be many hues of brown and cord, so this is definitely going to be a staple for me in the coming months.

Also to be totally transparent in this post I was also gifted these Slim Tapered jeans, but they really were not for me. The silhouette was a bit too skinny for my personal preference, but if a tighter fit is more up your street you can click the link above.

I know I say this every time I come back from a blogging break but I will be updating more often, even if it's veering away from usual content. I'm contemplating a few coffee based posts, starting in Cardiff then more on my travels. What do you think?


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