14 Jun 2018

Football's Fashionable Fellas

Ahhh the World Cup, what a wonderful occasion. It's something I live for! Every four years we all start to give a fuck about the defensive frailties of Saudi Arabia, the attacking prowess of Spain and the (hopeful) bottle job by England. The World Cup has crept up on me this time around and once again I am left with absolutely no blog content, so I thought I'd integrate my two loves and show you footballers whose wardrobes is more than just a flat 4-4-2.

We have to start with a God amongst men, David Beckham. The original Spice Boy has had some absolute stinkers over the years but who hasn't? As time has progressed so has Beckham's style and he is often regarded as one of the best dressed men in the world, not just the footballing world.

Becks was recently seen at LFWM looking remarkably sharp in an all brown ensemble, some beautiful tones on show. Head to toe in the same colour outfits are difficult to pull off but he manages to break it up with contrasting hues, a tight haircut and some statement sunglasses. The best dressed footballer of all time does it again! 

A player who has recently shot to style stardom is Spaniard Hector Bellerin, Arsenal's rapid right back. He's another player who can be spotted on the front row of London Fashion shows, often decked out in high end labels mixed with streetwear. High fashion and streetwear has become a bit of a phenomena in the last 12 months or so with Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaborating and Off White's Virgil Abloh recently taking over the reigns at Louis Vuitton's menswear. 

Earlier this year Bellerin was spotted at a Christopher Raeburn show, weirdly sat next to Slick Rick of all people, with the outfit above being donned at a separate show. He wears a very expensive set of Zimmermann pyjamas (bold move), the now infamous fur Gucci moccasins and a stunning Christopher Shannon jacket. Admittedly he got ripped online for this outfit, but fashion is fashion! 

My third and final fashionable fella has to be the king of cool: Andrea Pirlo. The man who mugged off Joe Hart on the world stage by unleashing the cheekiest of Paneka penalties back in 2012. Not only does he have a beard that any man would sell his house for, but his wardrobe is a hipsters wet dream. 

First of all, it takes a man of unbelievable charisma to don a tee with his own name on it but Pirlo is afforded that luxury of because of his laid back persona. After his move to New York City, his style veered away from a typical Italian and he opted for a more casual look. His choice of ripped jeans, a perfectly fitting jacket and brown loafers would get tongues wagging all over the world, from Milan to Manchester. A certified King. 

Who do you think are the best dressed footballers? 


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