2 Jan 2018

Plans for 2018

Firstly, happy new year! In traditional Ryan Mules fashion, I've left my new year content too late and I write this on 2nd January as I've prepared no content whatsoever! The purpose of this post is to essentially air my hopes and plans for the forthcoming year and hopefully by putting it in the public domain, it will give me a kick up the arse to see most of them through.

I've already touched on my first hope for 2018 and that is to plan better when it comes to content. Over the festive period I saw so many fellow bloggers saying they've got blog AND social media content sorted for January and it puts me to shame! The majority of my blog posts are written on a whim, as you can probably tell, which has also led me to promising myself to write more prolifically this year. Instead of chiming in here and there with the occasional blog post I really want to create more readable content as well as creating good visual content.

On the subject of social media, I definitely need to engage more this year. I'm one of those dickheads who has been moaning all year saying "it's impossible to grow on Instagram" but I've realised it's because I'm basically invisible! I rarely comment on people's photos which is so stupid because I follow so many awesome content creators, but I'm definitely making it a priority to compliment peoples work this year.

With regards to blog content, I'm looking to hopefully expand on my music section. Stats wise it doesn't really perform but I enjoy writing about music so who gives a fuck? The state of music at the moment is incredible and I feel like I'm doing an injustice to myself by not sharing my thoughts about what's happening, what I'm listening to and what I'm looking forward to etc. I want to tie in more interviews with my music section too, which means I'd like to venture outside of the blogosphere and interview people within the music industry. I think that would be really awesome, right?

Looking away from blogging/SM I'd love to learn a new language this year. I've been saying it to myself for years and I keep putting it off and to be honest, there's no excuse for it. I've heard DuoLingo is free forever? Is this true? If so then sign me up and keep tabs on me because how incredible is that? Learning a new language for free, loooooovely!

The last thing I'll bore you with today is my aspiration (?) of possibly starting a podcast. I'm really enjoying the resurgence of podcasts over the last few years and it's such a great medium to just talk shit, put it on record and share it with the world. The only thing holding me back at the moment is nerves. It scares the living shit out of me for some reason but I think if I did one, I'd want to continue making them. If you're reading this and you have a podcast, invite me on and hopefully you can settle my nerves!

As far as 2018 goes they're my main goals for the year and hopefully I can start ticking them off the list ASAP! What are your plans for 2018?


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