22 Jan 2018

20 Facts About The Blogger

After seeing the popularity of '5 Facts About Yourself' on Instagram, the homeboy Davey Granger set me the challenge of doing 20 facts about the blogger on my blog so here they are! 

1. I’m the human equivalent to a lone wolf. I live by myself, I always get coffee by myself, I pretty much do everything by myself. I have no idea why but it’s just the way I am! 

2. I’m an indie kid at heart. These days all of the new music I listen to is rap/hip hop but music from The Maccabees, The Smiths, The Libertines etc will always have a place in my heart.

3. Not many of my internet friends know that I’m a massive football fan. I spent most of my youth on the terraces at Cardiff City getting drunk, wearing Gazelles and a Harrington jacket on cold Tuesday nights. 

4. I’m not much of a TV watcher at all. I’ve never watched Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad or most of the ‘classics.’ I do bloody love Stranger Things though.

5. I’m a pretty anxious person, to the point where I have thrown up a few times because of nerves getting the better of me. How fun?! 

6. I’ve seen Tyler, The Creator live 6 times and plan on adding to that a lot more. I’ve been to Amsterdam, Reading Festival, London and Bristol so far for his shows. 

7. I only went ‘public’ with blogging about two years ago. I’ve had blogs for at least 5 years but I was too shy to let people know what I was doing. That was until I knew there was a whole community to interact with! 

8. I worked in retail for 7 years of my life. Jobs included Topman & Vivienne Westwood but that life just isn’t for me. I fully commend people who can put up with the mental strain. 

9. My favourite colour changes on a stupidly regularly basis. At the moment it’s pastel pink but I’m sure that will change in 3 hours.

10. I once went through a phase where I was obsessed with chameleons. I would spend hours on end just looking at photos on Google and it was the weirdest time of my life.

11. I went to university and lasted less than six months. I was meant to be the brains but university just wasn’t my calling. I studied computing and I honestly have no idea how/why I got onto that course. I don’t even know what RAM means. 

12. Podcasts are my coping mechanism. If I’m having a bad day I always throw on one of the same podcasts I’ve listened to at least 30 times but I never get bored of them. Podcast recommendations are welcome by the way. 

13. I absolutely despise exercise, but I recently signed up for a gym. The only way to get myself fit was to sign up at a place with a jacuzzi so I can reward myself after I break one drip of sweat. 

14. Millionaire by Kelis is my favourite song of all time. Don’t try and tell me anything else is better coz it isn’t. 

15. I’ve never fully recovered since Netflix stopped showing The Office U.S. 

16. I was ready for fight everyone at Channel 4 if Stacey won Bake Off last year. 

17. I haven’t been on a ‘sunny’ holiday since 2012 and it’s taking its toll on me. I really want to go on holiday this year because I bloody deserve it.

18. I am the biggest fidgeter you’re likely to meet. I can’t sit still for longer than 3 months, and I’ve had to get a stand up desk at work because I can’t sit down all day. 

19. I have no idea what I want to do when it comes to being an adult. The pleasing thing is, nobody on the internet knows either so I know I’m not alone feeling this way.

20. I cried when I saw Kendrick Lamar live. I don’t know why but it got too much for me and I had tears in my eyes, tragic! 

I'm not going to nominate anyone but feel free to do your own and make sure you let me know if you do! 


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  1. Loved reading this! Your music taste is sick and I'm so jelly you've been to see Tyler and the creator, I'm an indie kid at heart from days listening to arctic monkeys but I'm a massive hip hop head too. I too used to work in retail and it is surely soul destroying to say the least!! And good choice with millionaire. It's not my favourite song but I rap Andre 3000's part so well lmao

    Yasmin 💗
    The Sweet Seven Five