30 Dec 2017

Song Swap: Dave Granger

Hola! It's been a while since I chimed in with another blog post but I'm here with (hopefully) a new mini series that will push into 2018! The idea is to swap 5 songs with a fellow music lover and we both give opinions on each others selection, and my first guest is Dave Granger from www.daveygranger.co.uk. A real music lover who has spent the last year being a music journalist, the perfect person for this series! We decided to swap some of our favourite songs from 2017, which was an awesome year for music.

My choices for Dave

I visited Tokyo last year, so I'm already excited for this one. The synths sound like something from the Wii Shop Channel, that's the highest praise I can give any song. 'Gonna blow all my cash on anime' is too real, and I'm beginning to feel personally attacked. I spent so much money in Japan, as my YouTube hauls show. I really fucking love this song, it really captures the vibe of being a giant ass nerd visiting Tokyo for the first time.

'Oh my God, it's Tokyo'

DAMN. is such an incredible album, I really haven't given it enough time this year. Kendrick and Rihanna are both heavy hitters that are worshipped for good reason, they're absolute icons and dons. Idons. Having them together on one track is just beaut. I'd love to hear a version of this that's a little stripped down, however this is still a belter. It's obvious why DAMN. is already considered one of the greatest albums of all time.

So it turns out this isn't a cover of Miley Cyrus' 'See You Again'. I would be disappointed but the strings and piano here are musical boner worthy. This track is so zen and chill, I'm really here for it, despite the distinct lack of 2008 Miley. Great choice Ryan, this is my favourite after 'Tokyo' thus far. The instrumentals are so beautiful, love this all round.

Already off to a great start with the name alone. This is actually my least favourite of the tracks so far, but I'm enjoying the slow, jazzy backing track that's reminiscent of the Twin Peaks inspired Soul Eater soundtrack. That's a niche reference only mid 00's anime lovers will understand. Is there a tad of ringing in the background of this track or my ears still ringing from the Royal Blood gig I went to?? No one knows.

Great collaboration due simply to who's on this track. However, this isn't a 2 Unlimited cover? Whatever happened to them anyway?

I love Cardi B so much, I'll listen to any track she's on, like Nicki, her verses attract me to any song. I'll add this one into my occasional Cardi B binge, Cardi B Power Hour if you will. 'Pussy poppin' on the charts' is a big mood.

Dave's choices for me

I am nowhere near a huge fan of The Killers but this song is SO catchy! I've found myself singing this in work on more occasions than I'd like to admit. The hook has these weird 80's synths which I'm in love with.

This is going to be blasphemy to Dave but I've not listened to this album yet. It's number 1 on A LOT of lists this year, but I'm really feeling this song. Anything with SZA put me down as a fan! If I could change one thing about this song it would be Post Malone, I've heard too much of him this year and it's doing my head in.

Oooooooh man, those steel drum sounds at the beginning! I've really slept on Mura Masa, everyone raves about him and I've avoided the hype but the production on this is awesome. Every time I hear a song by Christine And The Queens now I expect a hybrid of English and French lyrics but this song has come out just fine in English. This is 100% my favourite of Dave's choices!

I like this, it's nice and upbeat! I'm not too big on poppy/dance tracks because I tend to cut myself off from the world and find shelter in my own little hip hop bubble, but this is something I could jam to. It definitely sounds different to Waiting Game, which is the only other song of Banks I know.

Like cheese & pickle, Lenny & Carl, Dave & Bastille are an expected combo. In all honesty, this is my least favourite of the tracks. I've never really got on with Bastille, and on a side note: do they swear much in their songs?! I was not expecting F bombs from a Bastille track!

There we have it, folks! Hope you've enjoyed mine and Dave's polar opposite music taste and you come back next time. If you'd like to take part in Song Swap, don't hesitate to drop me a message!


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