20 Aug 2017

Not Fitting The Male Blogger Mould

When you mention you're a blogger, most people automatically paint a picture of you and your interests. Photos outside of Notting Hill mansions, a love of rose gold and pumpkin spice lattes to name but a few. However, what I've noticed recently is that a lot of blogger clich├ęs don't apply to me and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I think the most frustrating thing about not ticking the majority of these boxes is how frustrating I find it to engage with others in the blogging community. Don't get me wrong, I've met a lot of amazing people from my blog (Charlie, Ste, Arran, Dave, Carl) but I still struggle to find people who have similar interests. Hip hop for example. Aside from Arran I honestly know nobody in the blogging world who'd want to talk about Tyler's latest album or the most recent episode of Everyday Struggle.

The same applies to streetwear and high end fashion. Ste is good for this and Zoel too but I'm surprised there isn't more of an interest in high end fashion considering there is a huge number of fashion bloggers kicking around.

The main aspect of 'not fitting in' definitely comes from my dress sense. The male fashion blogger community is generally into tailoring, suits, ties, brogues etc and this is something that just does not appeal to me. I'd rather go out and shoot my outfits of dungarees and Vans, oversized shirts and Kickers or Vivienne Westwood trousers & Pharrell x Stan Smith's. Although I blog as a hobby, I do think that my dress sense hinders my progression to a degree because most of my favourite brands don't work with bloggers (although working with A.P.C was lit)

On a side note, I think a lot of fashion bloggers should take an active interest in sustainable fashion. I know it's expensive and by no means am I rich but I truly believe that spending more and buying less on clothing is the best thing for the fashion industry as well as the environment!

With that being said, I do take pride in my individuality and I wouldn't pretend to be interested in something I'm not just so people on Twitter would like me. The general blogging community (aside from a few chumps) are very welcoming and supportive, and like I said I've met some really great people from it. I honestly don't know what I aimed to get out of this post but here we are, thanks for reading a piece of my brain!


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