27 Aug 2017

Make Sure Your Garden Is Watered And Stunt

"Make sure your garden is watered and stunt" - Tyler, The Creator

So the quote above is a message that Tyler has been spreading a lot recently it's really struck a chord with me for some reason. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but the way I see it is the garden is your body and it needs to be watered to thrive. We take our physical and mental health for granted in the hope that everything will be ok and I recently had a weird epiphany in which I told myself that I finally need to rid myself of everything that is bad for me i.e anything that has an adverse effect on my mental health, alcohol and shitty food. 

It kind of feels like a New Years resolution but I think I'm genuinely looking to change my attitude towards my health. This week I've signed up to the gym as a starting point. I'm not trying to get buff or anything like that but I just really need to incorporate exercise into my life. On numerous occasions I've slagged off going to the gym because it's so boring but until I can find a fun form of exercise then I'm going to stick to the exercise bike while watching episodes of QI on my phone or listening to podcasts. 

The thing I'm most looking forward to giving the boot is alcohol. My attitude towards booze has shifted a lot over the last few years as I just don't think it's for me anymore. The feeling of being drunk, the taste, the hangover, the 3 day depressive episode that follows just doesn't appeal to me anymore. I'm not going to go full Super Hans and hang out at juice bars instead but I will need to fill the social void of "going for a pint" so if you can give me a better alternative I'm all ears! 


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