27 Jul 2017

Playlist: July 2017

Okay, so it has definitely been a long time since I last posted a music post. I’ve been going hamburger with the ol fashion posts in recent months but I do feel bad neglecting my passion for sharing music. Especially considering the fact I have a whole section dedicated to it on my blog! 

My reason for this post was to show off some of the latest releases I’m listening to as well as incorporating some old summer classics. The vibe has kind of been killed due to the fact that it is absolutely pissing down with rain right now, but that’s no excuse. 

There’s only one place to start and that is with Flower Boy. Anybody who knows me, knows that I am a certified Tyler, The Creator fan boy and have been since I first listened to Bastard on Tumblr a long time ago. Since then he has graced us with Wolf (the best album ever) along with Goblin, Cherry Bomb and now Flower Boy. The progression over the years is evident in the album, not just musically but also when it comes to subject matter. Tyler caught a lot of flack in the beginning because he would rap about quite frankly disgusting things (through an alter ego admittedly) but these days he’s talking about ‘coming out of the closet’, being yourself and generally beautiful shit like flowers. If you get the chance, watch this performance of 911 on The Stephen Colbert Show. It’s amaaaaaaaazing. 

Moving away from Tyler (I could go on all day), there has been a ton of other good music released in the last few weeks. I’ve really taken to Lana Del Rey’s album which definitely surprised me. I was a massive fan of Born To Die but I didn’t really get into any of her other projects until she released Summer Bummer with A$AP Rocky. I love it when Rocky swerves out of his usual lane and collabs with people like Lana or Florence, and I feel Summer Bummer really fits into the narrative of the Lust For Life album. An honourable mention also goes to In My Feelings which is my second favourite track from the album. 

Also, after putting this playlist together I realised just how much of my music taste goes back to Pharrell. Just in these 25 songs there are 4 songs which he produced/features on let alone the songs that he influenced. I attribute a lot to P, not just my musical ear but the confidence to be myself also. This post took a turn didn’t it? Anyway, I hope you enjoy the playlist I put together and most importantly I hope it gets you in a really summery mood! 


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