18 Jun 2017

The Short Sleeve Shirt Edit

It feels like I've not done a blog post for years, I've been sooooooo busy! But I'm back in working order now so I thought I'd check in and give you all a quick look at my short sleeve short collection (that's a tongue twister!) As I'm writing this it's 26 degrees, oh momma. So there's no better time to hopefully give you some short sleeve shirt inspiration!

Shirt #1- Vivienne Westwood

Shirt #2 - Adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams

Shirt #3 - Vintage 

Shirt #4 - Vivienne Westwood

Shirt #5 - Bellfield Clothing (20% off all full price with the code BLOG20)

Shirt #6 - H&M

I've recently bought myself a tripod too which means (hopefully) my portraits and photography will improve a lot! Keep tabs on me on Instagram.