30 Apr 2017

In Conversation With: India Hannah Pixie (Trashed Vintage)

Hello and welcome to the second edition of my 'In Conversation With' series! Last time around I caught up with Charlie from Modish Male which you can read here! This time I catch up with one of my good blogger friends, India from Trashed Vintage! 

India is an annoying ass vegan (her words not mine) who is building up a massive reputation as one of the best vintage and ethical fashion bloggers around! She has a unique fashion sense and also has impeccable music taste. You can check out her blog here, but let's crack on with the interview! 

Ryan: Nice and easy one to start! Use 3 words to describe yourself

India: Fuck! I hate trying to describe myself because there are words that I'd like to be and want others to think about me but I'm just not quite there yet. So let's just go with feminist (duh!) Introverted and self deprecating. I would have said dreamer (especially with my blog in mind) but that word is just sooo vomit inducing.

Ryan: Yeah that is vomit inducing, pass me the bucket please! What one trend do you want to be buried FOREVER?

India: Everyone seems to love the whole white marble, rose gold, palm tree flat lays and I think they're just shit and samey and I'd love to never see one ever again. You feel? 

Ryan: Christ, I know exactly what you mean! Rose gold gives me the creeps man. Who are your style inspirations?

India: Obviously the queen Vivienne Westwood has to be one of my favourite style icons and inspo's. She is just so bad ass, I also love(d?) Alexander McQueen. I'm not really one to follow trends and get super invested into what celebs are wearing so mostly I get style inspiration from just anyone who dresses against the norm, anyone who is just super adventurous and creative has my respect. Seeing someone dressed 'different' and looking cool as hell inspires me to be more and more creative,  I love that shit.  I like to take little snippets from all fashion 'genres.' 

Ryan: Yessss, we all know Viv is our queen! Ok, ASAP Rocky, Austin Powers & Anthony Kiedis: Fuck/marry/kill?

India: ASAP Rocky is the love of my life & I feel like I've already undressed Anthony with my eyes at Reading Festival but I don't want to kill him! Also, I want to see the hype about sexy time with Austin??

Ryan: I would marry Rocky probably, but Anthony in the 90's jeez, what a handsome man!

India: Rocky is the coolest man ever, I fancy him so bad. But then again Austin Powers had a penis pump? It'd probably be a foursome!

Ryan: You know Austin Powers has got game too as his dad had Beyonce on the ropes! Do you see yourself working in fashion in any capacity? I think the idea of it is better than the reality.....

India: I don't see myself working in the fashion industry, a lot of it kinda bores me, its all seems too structured, unoriginal and samey, there's always trends to follow and like ooh what are these boring ass celebs wearing, it just doesn't appeal to me. I like to curate my wardrobe with individual pieces from different eras and different styles and I think people find that interesting on my blog just not to the extent where I could work IN fashion, unless it was for a quirky, editorial magazine (I wish!) Saying that, I'd love to be a full time 'fashion blogger' where I can be creative as hell on my own platform with no rules. 

Ryan: That is the actual dream! Who did you look up to when you were growing up?

India: I don't really remember looking up to anyone? I had a shite time when I was growing up, I'm gonna add a lmao on the end of this so it's not so morbid lmao.

Ryan: Adding a lmao at the end makes it all ok! I'm partial to adding a lmao when I'm having a Twitter meltdown. If you could go back to one moment in history what would it be?

India: I feel like I'm supposed to have a really deep answer for this one but I don't, just take me back to when Jimi Hendrix was alive and let me watch him play for a couple hours. Or I'd wanna go waaay back to see some damn dinosaurs. Hendrix or dinosaurs. 

Ryan: Oh shit, imagine seeing Hendrix at Isle Of Wight Festival! Why is vintage/charity shopping so important?

India: I try to be as ethical as possible and stay away from fast fashion (sometimes I slip up - damn you Zara) Thrift shopping is so good for the environment and doesn't contribute to slave labour or landfills and the money goes back into local communities and charities! Plus you can find vintage pieces and stuff that no one else has and just helps develop your personal style. 

Ryan: Vintage is so good for finding one offs! Who would be your three headliners at your dream festival (dead or alive)? 

India: 3 dream headliners would be Hendrix, Johnny Cash and probably Nirvana (I listen to Nirvana's live performance at Reading in 1992 every frikkin day!) 

Ryan: That's the ultimate Reading performance for sure. Do you ever get people questioning your choice of clothes?

India: All. The. Time. More so when i was younger,  I used to get nasty comments from my peers at school and even my cousins when I was younger about what I wore but my mums always been really supportive in encouraging me to wear whatever the heck I want. My mum's just as quirky as I am so I know if I put something on and even she's like urm?? That it's probably too much! It's funny because the people who used to question what I wore are back then are now the people that want to know what I'm wearing and where I got it. I do get weird looks in the street sometimes though haha.

Ryan: Same! People used to ask me why I wear skinny jeans but now they ask me why I wear wide leg??? Last question now: what are your plans for your blog?

India: I have big ass plans for my blog. I just want it to grow and grow. I want to produce the most bomb content I possibly can and collaborate with some brands on cool projects and just create cool shit. 

Ryan: Definitely keep creating bomb content! I'm excited to see what you bring! 

If you fancy being featured in the future, email me at ryan.mules@live.co.uk

Thanks for reading! 

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