16 Apr 2017

In Conversation With Charlie (Modish Male)

Hello! This is the first part of my series 'In Conversation With' which will be a number of posts in which I chat to fellow bloggers and maybe some people outside of the blogging world! My first chat is with Charlie of Instagram Stories fame and you may also know him from his blog, Modish Male.

If you are mutuals with Charlie on Twitter I'm sure you don't need an introduction to him, but for those who don't know him here's a little rundown. He's a Brighton based blogger whose main blog content is lifestyle based. He regularly attends the theatre and gives his verdict on shows he attends in and around the Brighton. He's also partial to a grooming post from time and time and his most recent grooming post was about a Star Wars fragrance, how cool? You can read his blog here but let's get into the interview!

Ryan: If you were on and island for 365 and you could only take 3 items, what would they be and why?

Charlie: A tent. Toothpaste. Worlds biggest book .A tent so I don't get molested by anyone or anything. Toothpaste so I have minty fresh breath. And a book to read and wipe my ass after I've read the pages.

Ryan: I guess that's one use of a book.....3 words to describe yourself?

Charlie: These are hard. That's not the 3 words by the way! Funny, negative, ambitious. 

Ryan: So glad those weren't the words! Who are your style inspirations? 

Charlie: My style inspirations aren't necessarily people I would dress like which is strange. . . well I would dress like them if I wasn't FAF. (Charlie made sure to emphasise that meant fat as fuck). But naming names it would be David Gandy, Jude Law & Alex Mytton.

Ryan: Not a bad crowd there! Top 5 places on your bucket list to travel to?

Charlie: Australia. Dubai. Honk Kong. Maldives. St Lucia. I normally just go to Greece as I love it!

Ryan: Aw man I'd love to go to Dubai as well. Greece is so hot when it's peak season it's lush there! What's your favourite post you've ever written and why?

Charlie: Nothing jumps out as being THE ONE yet, I like posts with photos. So anything I have to take cool pictures on are my favourite type of posts!

Ryan: I get that, you're a good photographer! What's the stupidest thing you've done when drunk?

Charlie: Oh wow too many! When I was in Zante I was about to throw up so ran to the toilet, got my customised I love Zante vest stuck on the door handle and projectile vomited into my hands and over the whole bathroom.

Ryan: That's so lit. I used to throw up all of the time when I was drunk. Here's a good question: If you had to, what animal would you have sex with and why?

Charlie: That's bestiality you sick fuck!

Ryan: It's hypothetical, I'm not going to make you shag a badger...

Charlie: Probably a tigress because we'd have cute cubs.

Ryan: I'd shag a ladybird because they're cute. Ok then, Emilia Clarke, Sia & Lily Allen. Fuck/Marry/Kill?

Charlie: Fuck Emilia Clarke as I feel I already have from seeing her on GOT starkers! Kill Sia.. just NO and marry Lily as she could sing me to sleep every night

Ryan: I'd have probably said the same! I think Lily would make a lovely wife. Your Instagram stories are pretty popular because you seem to struggle with any domestic task. How do you plan on surviving when you move out?

Charlie: Well considering I don't know how to use any appliances I will need a few lessons from my mum. Also I'll be employing a cleaner. And making sure my flat is near a decent chippy.

Ryan: A chippy is so important! Do you ever get any stick for blogging?

Charlie: Fun fact... only about 5 people I know outside of blogging (friends/family) know I actually blog! So no...

Ryan: You told me you were famous in Brighton, you've lied to me..... Last question: What's your advice to other bloggers who are looking to grow and be successful in the blogging world?

Charlie: Buy followers.

Ryan: .....

Charlie: No in all seriousness, write about what you love and don't get bogged down with numbers. Followers & views will go up and even if they don't, if you enjoy what you're doing then happy days!

Ryan: What a lovely way to end a horrific interview!

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Thanks for reading!

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