9 Apr 2017

6 Albums You Need To Hear

What's up?? I thought I'd put this post together because it's been a long time since I spoke about something that I couldn't do without, and that's definitely music! It plays such a big part in my day to day life, I listen to music on my way to work, I listen to music at work and I've always got music on at home. Most of my previous posts on the matter have been about the latest releases or what I'm playing at that moment but I wanted to shed some light on some of my favourite albums of all time, so sit back and I hope you enjoy!

Wolf by Tyler, The Creator

There's no other album that I could have started this post with! If you know me on a personal level you'll already know how much this album means to me. I remember the day I went to pick it up with Levi, we went to HMV before work and picked up a copy each. The first listen to the album was so crazy to me as I'd never heard an album with such a diverse range of sounds, especially a hip hop album! 4 years later I'm still playing it from beginning to end at least 3 times a week and I'll never get bored of it. I can place a memory on each and every song and I seriously think this is an underrated body of work. There are so many great songs to choose from: IFHY (with an amazing video), 48 which features a snippet of an interview Tyler did with Nas and Colossus. 

Tyler really came to my attention from his Bastard mixtape and seeing/hearing his progression as a musician has been amazing. The album features Pharrell, Frank Ocean and Erykah Badu amongst others and I think those features show how respected he is in the music world. It's such a piss take that he's banned from the UK as his live shows are some of the best I've been too (I've seen him 5 times.) I just hope the government pull their fingers out and let him back into the country soon!

Favourite song: Rusty

Total Life Forever by Foals

The second album on the list is by one of my favourite bands of all time: Foals. I think I was pretty late when it came to discovering Foals, the first track I heard from them was Cassius from their Antidotes album. From the jump I knew how good they were, but Total Life Forever still surprises me to this day. It’s SO good! Spanish Sahara is one of the most amazing songs and I have fond memories of seeing it played live both at Reading Festival in 2015 (they played a secret set) and also when I saw them in Cardiff a couple of years ago. Other stand out tracks include Black Gold, This Orient & After Glow. If you’ve never gone out of your way to listen to Foals I’m 100% sure you’d have heard My Number and Inhaler from their most recent album Holy Fire.

Favourite song: Spanish Sahara

In Search Of by N.E.R.D

Ahhh, it’s pretty difficult to verbalise how I feel about this album: In Search Of by N.E.R.D. I can pretty much put myself in an exact situation which has some relation to every song on this album! Provider was my alarm tone for YEARS as a teenager, Run To The Sun is quite possibly my favourite song ever written and well, I remember staying up late to watch the explicit video for Lapdance in my younger years (long before being totally desensitised by the internet.) The album itself opened my ear to a whole new world of not just music but also certified my belief that Pharrell is a God. I own more than 3 physical copies of this album because I need to be safe in the knowledge that I will always have one, sad or sensible?! 

Favourite song: Run To The Sun

For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver

Bon Iver are a band that are pretty far out from my regular music tastes but what’s not to love about this album: For Emma, Forever Ago. I can’t exactly remember how I was put on to them but the album came out in 2007 and it’s been a staple in my music library pretty much ever since. Obviously the stand out track from the album is Skinny Love which has been covered by every man, woman and dog who can sing and has a YouTube channel. Why do I sound so salty about that? I don’t know, maybe because no one will ever do it justice and there’s some things that just shouldn’t be touched? Anyway, there’s more to the album than that song. Flume is wonderful, Creature Fear is a favourite and Lump Sum works so well as the second track. It’s a relatively short album but it’s the perfect soundtrack to a warm bath after a long day!

Favourite song: Skinny Love

Graduation by Kanye West

Graduation is by far Kanye’s best album. I’m just going to throw that out there. Obviously it’s down to personal preference but I find it hard to see past the amount of amazing songs that are on this album. A lot of people say they prefer the old Kanye and in my eyes, this is the high point of old Kanye. The album kicks off with Good Morning and leads into Champion, followed by Stronger, I Wonder and then my ultimate feel good song: Good Life. If there’s one song I need to make me feel invincible it is Good Life. In true Kanye fashion the album samples some truly obscure music but most notably Daft Punk on Stronger. Whether you love him or hate him, this album is a winner. 

Favourite song: Good Life

Wall Of Arms by The Maccabees

I think I was living in a hip hop bubble from about 2009-2012 so I missed a lot of good indie music. I wasn’t aware of The Maccabees until I saw them only by chance at Reading Festival 2012. I geared myself up to watch The Cure on the main stage but I left disappointed and headed to the NME tent. I watched The Maccabees there and there’s a really distinct memory in my brain that remembers seeing No Kind Words live and seeing Orlando Weeks captivate everybody there. As soon as I got back from the festival I delved into the discography and I’ve been a fan ever since. Young Lions will forever be a favourite from this album, William Powers, Love You Better, One Hand Holding…the list goes on. The album is a total masterpiece and I’m honestly still not over the fact that they will be splitting up this year. While I’m here, if anybody wants to treat me and take me to their farewell shows I’ll be more than happy to accept! 

Favourite song: No Kind Words

Is there any albums you think should've made the list? Or albums you think I should listen to? Let me know! 

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