12 Mar 2017

To Beard Or Not To Beard?*

To beard or not to beard? That is the question. In recent years the beard has become somewhat of a phenomenon with men all over the world growing out their stubble into a full blown facial fluff ball! But is having a beard all that it's cracked up to be?

55% of men around the world can be seen sporting a beard or facial which is a lot higher than I thought it would be! But growing facial hair certainly isn't for everyone. We all enjoy doing things we know we shouldn't i.e eat shit food & drink too much booze, but just because the beard is back in fashion doesn't mean you should have one! Take me for example: I'm a prime example of someone who can't and shouldn't grow a beard. My facial hair grows patchy and if I get caught in a storm, the wind could probably shave my face for me.

So to keep your facial hair at bay there's a few options! The first option I'd suggest is to invest in a electric beard trimmer. They're a perfect bit of kit for keeping your beard looking presentable unlike Hans N Langseth who holds the record for the longest ever beard at 17ft 6 inches long! Nobody wants that do they? That's like having 2 and a bit Peter Crouch's hanging from your chin.

The second recommendation of mine would be a wet shave. This is usually my go to method and it consists of 3 steps: use a pre shave to soften the stubble, apply shave cream and shave, then finally use an after shave as it soothes and repairs irritated skin.

That's it from me fellas. Let me know your top shaving tips below!

* Post sponsored by Panasonic*


  1. I don't know why I read this but I did...

    1. Do you need advice on maintaining your face mane?

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