15 Mar 2017

Spring Essentials 2017*

It’s brighter for longer, the storms seem to have passed and the temperatures are slowly but surely picking up. That means SPRING IS HERE! And what better way to welcome in the Great British Spring time than put together a list of essentials for Spring 2017?

I think a staple for everybody’s wardrobe this time of year has to be a bomber jacket. It’s a timeless silhouette and it’s light enough to be worn in Spring too! In recent years the bomber jacket has enjoyed huge popularity and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, especially with brands thinking outside of the box and making bombers more unique to their brand image. This black bomber jacket from Manière De Voir keeps it cool with an all black base and it incorporates extra zips on the sleeves to give it that more unique feel. It would be perfect for those days spent in the summer when you only go for 'one drink' yet you’re still sat in the beer garden at 11pm! 

Another trend that looks to be sticking around for the next season at least is 90’s sportswear. It came back to the high street a couple of years ago with Ellesse, Kappa etc sneaking their way back into stores. But the aesthetic really became an essential with the emergence of Gosha Rubchinsky. The Russian designer has collaborated with all of the brands you can remember from the 90’s and most recently a capsule collection with Sergio Tacchini, a brand that’s synonymous with the late 80’s/early 90’s football terrace culture. This is something Gosha has taken inspiration from in previous collections so it’s a match made in heaven, and the black sweater is to die for. 

Now, one of my personal essentials has to be PINK! I’m glad to say more and more men are comfortable with themselves to wear pink and I’m a definite advocate for that. Urban Outfitters are currently selling a pair of raw hem jeans in pink and I think it definitely has something to do with Gucci & Haider Ackerman showcasing an element of pink in their AW17 shows at London Fashion Week. 

An age old question is “can your wardrobe have too many stripes?” and my answer is no. I love stripes so much, they’re so easy to wear and they break up an outfit perfectly. Comme Des Garcons know the score as they’ve been running with long sleeve striped tees for an eternity, and they always seem to pop up in street style shots. You can go for a nautical vibe or even a Parisian vibe with this CDG long sleeve, very versatile! 

For Spring 2017 I’ll advise you to invest in ‘punk’ pieces. The band tee has been a trend that’s stuck, and the punk aesthetic is only going to get bigger. We all know my love for Vivienne Westwood and this Anglomania tee is a mix of cute and punk. As the pioneer of the punk movement, Viv will forever be a legend in the British Subculture. The punk look has also hit the catwalk at recent shows from Louis Vuitton and Coach. If these brands are too expensive (they are for me), I’m 99% sure there will be high street alternatives creeping up soon! 

For AW16 I made a post about orange, and pondered whether it would be a trend. The answer was almost certainly yes, as I’m still draping myself in orange at any given opportunity! I’ve got this delicious two piece from Vivienne Westwood you can see above as well as a pale orange sweater from American Apparel (RIP) and a striped long sleeve from Uniqlo (2 essentials in 1, aren’t I clever?) As a kid I used to swear by wearing all black but these days I’m wearing colour as often as I can, and orange is definitely a favourite. 

I think that just about covers it! A few honourable mentions for other Spring essentials include: Process by Sampha, Glaceau water and vitamin C tablets. I mean we want to look cool AND be healthy, right? 



  1. Love love this post! It's so refreshing I have to say to see more men wearing pink, I think it's really hard for certain people to pull off. I can't wait to add more of it my wardrobe this spring! Also loving punk staying around I've added loads of it to my wardrobe over the last few months! Great post!

    1. Pink is the future! I think men are slowly but surely warming to the idea and I'm loving it

  2. Love this so much, it's written so well and you sir, look damn good in pink!!

    P.s long live punk

    1. Thank you sugar! My pink trousers will be making an appearance v soon, you'll be glad to hear they're wide leg too