25 Jan 2017

The Worst Parts Of Your Mid 20's

It feels like ages since I last posted but recently I had a blogging lull and couldn't think of any content, so I started a poll on my Twitter asking my followers what sort of post they'd like to see from me next. And the winner of the poll was 'General Life Shite' so here it is! 

If you're reading this and you're deep into your twenties, I can almost guarantee you'll agree with a lot of this post. And if you're not quite there yet, I imagine you will start to shit yourself! Nah I'm just kidding, but in all seriousness your mid twenties are an absolute rollercoaster. It's the time where you can no longer hack 4 nights out in a row and uni seems like just a distant memory. It's the time where rather than get asked "What do you want to do in the future?" you get asked "Why are you crying in the middle of the staff room?" 

One of the most difficult things of your mid twenties is striking the balance between work and play. You're constantly told that you should travel, experience new things etc whilst simultaneously being told you should start thinking of saving for a mortgage *gulp* or start looking for a potential wife/husband *gulp x 2*. In my case I'm so bad with money I can afford to do none of these because I end up spending all of my money on clothes or shit I don't need like 3 coffees on a Saturday afternoon. Even if I did have the money I'm not sure what I'd want to do with it. Would I want to travel the world for a few months then come back to no money/house or would I want to buy myself a house and 15 years down the line regret not seeing the world? It's a tough one, right? I look at a lot of people around me taking up either option and I'm definitely jealous but I know that it'll come to me in due time because 25 is still really young and time is on my side!

You know another thing that's shit about your mid twenties? The concept of dating. Just to clarify I despise the word dating but until we find a replacement I'm going to have to stick with it. By the time you've reached 25 it's pretty common to have had a long term relationship or two under your belt, but what to do when you're single? If you're actively looking to put yourself back out there, it's easier than ever. With things like Tinder growing in popularity, you can find yourself a potential partner with a literal touch of a fingertip. But is that the way it should be? I find Tinder to be so savage and it's not something I'd be particularly comfortable being a part of. I've never used Tinder or any dating app/website for that reason, as I find it quite ruthless to just be like "no, no, no" just based on someone's photos and a small description. So with my reluctance to use dating apps, where would that leave someone like me? I don't particularly go out a lot to meet new people and I'm not the type of person to just ask someone out spontaneously. Luckily I'm focusing on myself at the moment so it's not a predicament I find myself in currently, but with me focusing on myself I constantly get asked things like "Why are you still single?" which is quite annoying! There's so many things I want to do and right now I think having a woman in my life would only slow me down, which I think is a grown up approach to take! 

The final thing I can actually put into words is realising your best days are behind you. My friend Levi and I often reflect on "The Glory Years" of 2012-2013 where our approach to everything was 'Fuck it.' In those 2 years we packed in 2 festivals, a two week trip to Cyprus and numerous memorable nights out that will go down in folklore. Compare that to these days where a night out sounds like a night in hell and a holiday must be booked at least a year in advance and we've realised adulthood sucks! We have to prioritise council tax over Reading Festival and phone bills over a new pair of trainers, which signifies the glory days are well and truly behind us. The prospect of a festival is still on the cards this year but it's going to take a lot more planning! 

I know I've made out that being 25 sucks and it kind of does, but once you get the ball rolling I'm sure everything falls into place! Let me hear your thoughts on adulthood and how you're getting by, I'm genuinely interested!


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