15 Jan 2017

Growing Up: Does It Suck?

Remember when you were younger and you wished you could be an adult? Those days where you would be in school with your mates from 9-3:30 and you thought it was difficult? Hindsight is a wonderful thing because we had no idea what adulthood had in store for us. I'm not saying it was easy but compare it to being an adult in today's climate I would take that back in a second!

These days we've got a lot on our plates: record high rents, sky high student loan payments as well as the added cost of things like internet costs and food costing more than ever. With these costs how are we supposed to live the 'ideal life' we're led to believe is attainable? When I was 18, I remember thinking everything would be going swimmingly when I was 25. I thought I'd be on the property ladder, wearing sharp suits everyday and going on luxury holidays at least once a year. But with the current state of affairs all of that is pretty unreachable.

I read an article that said 16-35 year olds are on average spending £55,000 on rent whereas 50-70 year olds would have spent only £9,000 in todays money which is quite obviously a huge difference. I also read about Tory MP William Wragg, who had to move back in with his parents to save money for a mortgage deposit despite being on a £70,000 salary. Combine these stats with the constant blaming of Millennials for literally everything that goes wrong, and you realise we've been dealt a duff card. Millennials are often called lazy by older generations but why is this the case? Is it because we're not doing manual jobs because of the advancement of technology or is it because we've been brought up with a 'sense of entitlement?' I think neither. As a generation we're looking to get more job satisfaction all the while there are job shortages and low income careers and I don't think there's anything wrong with that!

So what the fuck do we do now? Well, first of all the only thing we can do is just deal with all of the shit we've been dealt and try to make the most of it! The beauty of the age we live in is the fact that a lot of us can shape the path we want to go down. Due to technology a lot of people are working for themselves from things like freelance blogging and making money from YouTube. Although this isn't a 'traditional' way of working it's kind of refreshing to see people thinking outside of the box and creating their own jobs. I also think we should stop being scared of responsibility and start to embrace it. Sure, nobody wants to pay council tax and pay 20% of their monthly wage to the tax man but I suppose it's just a part of growing up. In Britain we're lucky that our taxes pay for things like healthcare because imagine paying your taxes while still having to pay for medical bills! I can't even imagine how draining that is and I'll forever be grateful for growing up in a country with a National Health Service.

Another 'tip' I'd give is to stop seeking other peoples approval and just crack on with what you think is the best thing for you. Genuinely 'good grown ups' (if such a thing exists) don't care what other people think or care about being right, as long as they're happy. Part of growing up is being wrong about things you thought were right about, how else would we learn?
I can speak from experience when I say that taking advice from older people doesn't always mean it's correct. I've been told to stay in jobs 'because it pays the bills' or 'money is money' but who wants to live to work? Surely we want to work to live, right? I fully understand the sentiment of working to make ends meet but I think everyone will get to a point where they need more fulfilment from their work life and I believe I got to that point towards the end of 2016. I'd been working in retail for near enough 7 years (gross) and it got a point where I had enough and was lucky enough to be offered a job which I really do enjoy.

Earlier in this post I mentioned how I thought I'd be wearing suits when I was 25 because when you're young you're fed a perception of how people of certain ages should conduct themselves and how they should dress. Now that I've (kind of) grown up, I know that is utter bullshit. Even as I write this I'm wearing a pair of trainers that are draped in florals and a pair of jeans that have embroidered skulls on them (I think they're cool anyway). One of the best things I've taken from growing up is my attitude to not caring about what other people think about me, especially when it comes to what I wear. If I had £1 for every time someone made a snide comment about something I was wearing, I'm sure I'd be able to rent the biggest bedroom in Buckingham Palace. But since being a part of the blogging community and networking through things like Instagram and Fashion Week I've met so many likeminded people who encourage the attitude of not giving a fuck.

Well, I think that's the end of what turned out to be one huge brain fart! If you take anything from this post let it be this: in the words of Blink 182 "Nobody likes you when you're 23" and they're probably right!


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