25 Jan 2017

The Worst Parts Of Your Mid 20's

It feels like ages since I last posted but recently I had a blogging lull and couldn't think of any content, so I started a poll on my Twitter asking my followers what sort of post they'd like to see from me next. And the winner of the poll was 'General Life Shite' so here it is! 

If you're reading this and you're deep into your twenties, I can almost guarantee you'll agree with a lot of this post. And if you're not quite there yet, I imagine you will start to shit yourself! Nah I'm just kidding, but in all seriousness your mid twenties are an absolute rollercoaster. It's the time where you can no longer hack 4 nights out in a row and uni seems like just a distant memory. It's the time where rather than get asked "What do you want to do in the future?" you get asked "Why are you crying in the middle of the staff room?" 

One of the most difficult things of your mid twenties is striking the balance between work and play. You're constantly told that you should travel, experience new things etc whilst simultaneously being told you should start thinking of saving for a mortgage *gulp* or start looking for a potential wife/husband *gulp x 2*. In my case I'm so bad with money I can afford to do none of these because I end up spending all of my money on clothes or shit I don't need like 3 coffees on a Saturday afternoon. Even if I did have the money I'm not sure what I'd want to do with it. Would I want to travel the world for a few months then come back to no money/house or would I want to buy myself a house and 15 years down the line regret not seeing the world? It's a tough one, right? I look at a lot of people around me taking up either option and I'm definitely jealous but I know that it'll come to me in due time because 25 is still really young and time is on my side!

You know another thing that's shit about your mid twenties? The concept of dating. Just to clarify I despise the word dating but until we find a replacement I'm going to have to stick with it. By the time you've reached 25 it's pretty common to have had a long term relationship or two under your belt, but what to do when you're single? If you're actively looking to put yourself back out there, it's easier than ever. With things like Tinder growing in popularity, you can find yourself a potential partner with a literal touch of a fingertip. But is that the way it should be? I find Tinder to be so savage and it's not something I'd be particularly comfortable being a part of. I've never used Tinder or any dating app/website for that reason, as I find it quite ruthless to just be like "no, no, no" just based on someone's photos and a small description. So with my reluctance to use dating apps, where would that leave someone like me? I don't particularly go out a lot to meet new people and I'm not the type of person to just ask someone out spontaneously. Luckily I'm focusing on myself at the moment so it's not a predicament I find myself in currently, but with me focusing on myself I constantly get asked things like "Why are you still single?" which is quite annoying! There's so many things I want to do and right now I think having a woman in my life would only slow me down, which I think is a grown up approach to take! 

The final thing I can actually put into words is realising your best days are behind you. My friend Levi and I often reflect on "The Glory Years" of 2012-2013 where our approach to everything was 'Fuck it.' In those 2 years we packed in 2 festivals, a two week trip to Cyprus and numerous memorable nights out that will go down in folklore. Compare that to these days where a night out sounds like a night in hell and a holiday must be booked at least a year in advance and we've realised adulthood sucks! We have to prioritise council tax over Reading Festival and phone bills over a new pair of trainers, which signifies the glory days are well and truly behind us. The prospect of a festival is still on the cards this year but it's going to take a lot more planning! 

I know I've made out that being 25 sucks and it kind of does, but once you get the ball rolling I'm sure everything falls into place! Let me hear your thoughts on adulthood and how you're getting by, I'm genuinely interested!


15 Jan 2017

Growing Up: Does It Suck?

Remember when you were younger and you wished you could be an adult? Those days where you would be in school with your mates from 9-3:30 and you thought it was difficult? Hindsight is a wonderful thing because we had no idea what adulthood had in store for us. I'm not saying it was easy but compare it to being an adult in today's climate I would take that back in a second!

These days we've got a lot on our plates: record high rents, sky high student loan payments as well as the added cost of things like internet costs and food costing more than ever. With these costs how are we supposed to live the 'ideal life' we're led to believe is attainable? When I was 18, I remember thinking everything would be going swimmingly when I was 25. I thought I'd be on the property ladder, wearing sharp suits everyday and going on luxury holidays at least once a year. But with the current state of affairs all of that is pretty unreachable.

I read an article that said 16-35 year olds are on average spending £55,000 on rent whereas 50-70 year olds would have spent only £9,000 in todays money which is quite obviously a huge difference. I also read about Tory MP William Wragg, who had to move back in with his parents to save money for a mortgage deposit despite being on a £70,000 salary. Combine these stats with the constant blaming of Millennials for literally everything that goes wrong, and you realise we've been dealt a duff card. Millennials are often called lazy by older generations but why is this the case? Is it because we're not doing manual jobs because of the advancement of technology or is it because we've been brought up with a 'sense of entitlement?' I think neither. As a generation we're looking to get more job satisfaction all the while there are job shortages and low income careers and I don't think there's anything wrong with that!

So what the fuck do we do now? Well, first of all the only thing we can do is just deal with all of the shit we've been dealt and try to make the most of it! The beauty of the age we live in is the fact that a lot of us can shape the path we want to go down. Due to technology a lot of people are working for themselves from things like freelance blogging and making money from YouTube. Although this isn't a 'traditional' way of working it's kind of refreshing to see people thinking outside of the box and creating their own jobs. I also think we should stop being scared of responsibility and start to embrace it. Sure, nobody wants to pay council tax and pay 20% of their monthly wage to the tax man but I suppose it's just a part of growing up. In Britain we're lucky that our taxes pay for things like healthcare because imagine paying your taxes while still having to pay for medical bills! I can't even imagine how draining that is and I'll forever be grateful for growing up in a country with a National Health Service.

Another 'tip' I'd give is to stop seeking other peoples approval and just crack on with what you think is the best thing for you. Genuinely 'good grown ups' (if such a thing exists) don't care what other people think or care about being right, as long as they're happy. Part of growing up is being wrong about things you thought were right about, how else would we learn?
I can speak from experience when I say that taking advice from older people doesn't always mean it's correct. I've been told to stay in jobs 'because it pays the bills' or 'money is money' but who wants to live to work? Surely we want to work to live, right? I fully understand the sentiment of working to make ends meet but I think everyone will get to a point where they need more fulfilment from their work life and I believe I got to that point towards the end of 2016. I'd been working in retail for near enough 7 years (gross) and it got a point where I had enough and was lucky enough to be offered a job which I really do enjoy.

Earlier in this post I mentioned how I thought I'd be wearing suits when I was 25 because when you're young you're fed a perception of how people of certain ages should conduct themselves and how they should dress. Now that I've (kind of) grown up, I know that is utter bullshit. Even as I write this I'm wearing a pair of trainers that are draped in florals and a pair of jeans that have embroidered skulls on them (I think they're cool anyway). One of the best things I've taken from growing up is my attitude to not caring about what other people think about me, especially when it comes to what I wear. If I had £1 for every time someone made a snide comment about something I was wearing, I'm sure I'd be able to rent the biggest bedroom in Buckingham Palace. But since being a part of the blogging community and networking through things like Instagram and Fashion Week I've met so many likeminded people who encourage the attitude of not giving a fuck.

Well, I think that's the end of what turned out to be one huge brain fart! If you take anything from this post let it be this: in the words of Blink 182 "Nobody likes you when you're 23" and they're probably right!


8 Jan 2017

5 Things I Want To Do In 2017

Now that the dust has finally settled on the new year, I thought I'd set myself some goals for the upcoming year which will hopefully make 2017 a year to remember! At the beginning of 2016 I wrote a post which was reflective of the year previous but I thought instead of looking back this time, I'd look forward to hopefully a fun filled 12 months. So here's my 5 things I hope to get from 2017!

Go to Benicassim

This is something I've been meaning to do for as long as I can remember. In years gone by I've looked at the line up's and always thought they looked amazing but for some reason I've never got round to getting tickets. I've done festivals in the past but they've all been based in the UK and we all know how much the British weather can affect a festival experience, so this time around I'm hoping to get my festival fix whilst basking in the glorious Spanish sun. A couple of friends of mine have already got tickets so I'm going to use that as a kick up the arse! In previous years some of my favourite artists such as Kendrick Lamar, The Maccabees and Bombay Bicycle Club have played there and so far The Weeknd, Foals and Red Hot Chilli Peppers have been announced. If the initial artists are anything to go by then this years line up is going to be incredible!

Move into my own place

This is something that's only really come up in the last few days. I've been in a flat with my mate for the last 10 months or so and it's come to the point where we have to decide whether to renew the lease or not. I really enjoy the place I'm living at the moment, it's close to the city centre and relatively close to work but I've got this achey feeling where I want my own place to put my own twist on things, if that makes sense? Maybe that feeling comes from endless hours of scrolling Instagram and Pinterest where everybody's house has incredible furniture, or maybe it's that part of my brain that tells me I need to just lay low for a while? Let's see what the next few weeks brings!

Be healthier

Becoming healthier is the thing I need to stick to the most, in every sense of the word. In recent times I've started to eat healthier by preparing food for work as opposed to buying stuff on the day but that's just the beginning. I need to get into a routine of stocking up on fruit, drinking water and cutting down on my coffee intake. Once all of that is done I sure as hell need to start exercising again. I can honestly say I haven't exercised for well over 6 months! I do morning stretches and walk to work but it's not enough to dust the cobwebs off my poor old body. My problem is I don't enjoy "working out" so really I need to find a form of fun exercise. I've looked at the possibility of going to a trampoline park which definitely sounds fun, but it's also known to be full of children. And that's something I won't enjoy because children do my head in! Aside from trampolining I think I'd like to take up swimming at some point because as you all know, it's one of the most beneficial forms of exercise you can do. Also when summer finally returns, I'll definitely be playing tennis but with summer currently being so far away I'll have to find something to occupy my time until then. If you could recommend anything to me it would be much appreciated!

Read more

It's no secret that reading is beneficial for us in more ways than one. It's known to decrease levels of stress and also increase your imagination and vocabulary. The problem we face these days is that there are so many different ways to gain information, through television and the internet. I'm not saying that those two things are useless because they're so important in the way we live our lives today. But there's no denying that people are reading less as time goes on and I'm definitely one of those! I think the reason for my lack of reading is partly down to not actually knowing what I enjoy reading. This year I'll definitely be more active in finding books to read and looking past my comfort zone to embrace new genres and topics to read.

Take my blog & social media further

I worked quite hard last year on my blog and when I look back over previous posts I can definitely see the difference the work has made. Previously my blog was just an amalgamation of things that was going through my brain and I wasn't really creating content I was happy with whereas these days I'm a lot more selective about what I choose to publish. If you've been reading my blog for long enough you'll already notice I'm writing more as opposed to just making photo posts or creating wish lists from Polyvore. With that being said I think I'd like to take it to the next level and try introducing new topics to my blog which may include grooming, food and travel. I decided to purchase a domain and totally redesign my layout and I've never been happier with it! When it comes to social media I'm hoping to take the same approach by only sharing good quality content instead of posting stuff to get some instant gratification. Although that's easier said than done! I'm open to hearing what you'd like to see on my blog as well as my social media so just let me know if there's anything you'd be interested to hear my opinions on!