24 Jul 2017

Dunks In Ya Trunk

I'm sorry if you thought this was going to be a post on how to get a phat ass as the title may be just a little misleading! The real reason behind this post is essentially to gloat about the fact I picked up some new Nike kicks for just £7.50 on the weekend.

Over the years I've given myself a fair few nicknames relating to my charity shopping escapades (Thrift King, Bargain Boi etc) and I didn't let myself down with my recent cop. At first I wasn't too sure what the model of the sneaker were so I hit Twitter to ask and my followers did not disappoint. I found out they were Nike Dunks which I had as a kid but in a black & red colourway. My latest pick up come in a green & white colourway with both green and white laces, but I opted to keep it clean with the whites!

I teamed them with a pair of vintage Levi's jeans and my Supreme x Morrissey tee. A while back, my good friend Ste from Stylefade blessed me with a Fred Perry track jacket which complimented the trainers perfectly and it's the cherry on top of this fit! I added a few accessories: sunglasses from New Look and a cap from H&M. As I'm sure you're aware, I'm a big fan of charity shopping and thrifting, let me know your thrifted finds! 


15 Jul 2017

5 Summer Essentials with New Look

Remember that heatwave a few weeks back, where it was like 30 degrees for days on end? I was so ill prepared for it and it made me realise how my wardrobe is just not summer appropriate in the slightest. So I welcomed New Look Men in with open arms when they asked me to pick a few summer essentials to share with you guys! I picked up five pieces which you can see below.


Sunglasses are THE summer essential, right? Not only do they look cool but they’re also really important in protecting our blinkers safe from harmful UV rays! I opted for some Black Round frames as this is the shape I’m used to and I (think) it’s the best fit for my face. Priced at just £5.99 I couldn’t go wrong with these as I’m prone to losing my sunglasses! 

Tailored Trousers

"Trousers? In summer?" I hear you ask. I feel a nice pair of tailored trousers are perfect for those summer evenings spent in the beer garden where it’s not too hot but not too cold either. Also, this colour is so versatile and can sit in with pretty much any colour palette. If I was to dress these up a bit more formal, I would add some burgundy loafers and a short sleeve shirt! 

Short Sleeve Shirt

We all know I love a short sleeve shirt, not just in summer but whenever it’s possible to get away with wearing one! I recently posted a short sleeve shirt edit and I actually noticed that I don’t have a denim short sleeve shirt. Thank the lord I’ve been able to add one to my wardrobe now as they’re so easy to dress, especially with some black denim and some clean sneakers. 

Denim Shorts

More denim! These white denim shorts couldn’t be more perfect if I designed them myself. In recent years all of my shorts have been DIY cut offs from old pairs of jeans and self distressed, and this pair incorporate all of that. Also, here’s a little secret (the waist has a drawstring!) The drawstring waist is a perfect touch for me as you get the comfort of wearing sweatpants but the fashionable look of denim shorts. Lovely!

Statement Tee

I’m a huge hoarder of statement tees so this will fit in perfectly to my wardrobe. The majority of tie dye tees you see these days are usually really bright colours but I like how this tee is simple but also makes a statement at the same time. Again, this tee is so easy to dress and the rounded neckline finishes it off perfectly. 

You can shop all of these items and the rest of the New Look Men range on their website.

This post was sponsored by New Look.


11 Jul 2017

1 Tee 3 Outfits

I love a good outfit challenge, so when I was asked by NICCE to style their Essential black t-shirt in black I was more than happy to accept the challenge! The idea was to style the tee in three different ways so I thought I'd take it out on three different occasions doing the things I enjoy most!

One of my favourite things to do during summer is go on a massive walk. There's something about getting out and about, getting air in your lungs and wandering around aimlessly for hours. I'm lucky enough to live near an area surrounded by greenery and water so it makes for the perfect summer walk. I teamed the essential tee with my trusty olive Supreme cap, N.W.A coach jacket and some black denim I cut into shorts a while back. I finished this look off with my new slip on Vans in black and a Vivienne Westwood shield ring.

My second port of call was to grab some coffee, obviously. My promise to cut down on my coffee intake this year has failed but a leopard never changes its spots, right? For this look I once again looked at my Supreme cap collection and opted for black. I tucked the essential tee into my cropped wide leg denim from Shore Leave and threw on my Vivienne Westwood Caroline Belt (which is now in sale!) to break the outfit up a bit. Another recent addition to my stack of sneakers are Comme Des Garcon x Converse hi tops and I thought they would compliment my all black outfit perfectly. The quality on them is sublime in comparison to the usual Chuck Taylor's. My tote bag is from my friends brand called Bleeding Hearts Club, you should definitely check out her store! 

For my third and final look, I headed to Cardiff Museum to have a look at the Bacon to Diog exhibition. Going to the museum is always an option when there's not much to do on a Sunday afternoon, especially when there's a Van Gogh piece to take a look at! They also have two vases by Grayson Perry in at the moment which definitely caught my eye. For this look I chucked on a classic Harrington which has lasted me a very long time. Considering I only paid £30 for it a while back it's been a long standing servant in my wardrobe! I threw on a pair of New Look tailored trousers, a black beanie from Vans and the ever reliable Stan Smith's from adidas. 

Thanks for reading, let me know how you'd style the essential tee from NICCE! Photography by Mike Sutton. This post was sponsored by NICCE.


7 Jul 2017

The Importance Of Sustainable Fashion

It’s been a hot minute since I last really wrote something so I think it’s about that time again! This time I’m here to talk about the importance of sustainable clothing and why fast fashion isn’t always the best option.

In all honesty, sustainable fashion isn’t something that really bothered me until I worked at the Vivienne Westwood store in Cardiff. Previously I had worked in fast fashion environments such as Topman and JD Sports but being surrounded by such quality clothing at Viv showed me the importance of quality and craftsmanship. It made me appreciate tailoring, the sourcing of top notch materials and most importantly fair trade. One of my favourite things about working for Vivienne Westwood was their collaboration with the International Trade Centre which formulated the Made In Africa bags. The bags incorporated the infamous Vivienne Westwood squiggle print but also ensured the people from marginalised communities had a steady and fair income while promoting the importance of sustainable business instead of aid dependency. 

Seeing the impact of sustainable fashion has on the environment and the people within the fashion industry has definitely made me more conscious when it comes to my shopping choices. I try to live by the ‘Buy Less Spend More’ mantra which generally means invest in quality and you won’t need to buy twice. This is something I’m particularly strict on when it comes to denim. A brand that comes to mind when talking about quality denim is A.P.C. Hailing from France, the bulk of their denim is selvedge usually sourced in Japan which is renowned for it’s quality. I was luckily enough to be gifted a pair of denim A.P.C overalls from Farfetch and I couldn’t be more happy with them! In true A.P.C style, they are a relaxed fit with a straight leg. I’ve paired them with some sneakers I’ve been lusting over for years: Comme Des Garçons Play high tops. The quality on these sneakers is also to die for with their canvas uppers which sit upon the Converse 70s tooled sole unit. 

My main aim for this post wasn’t to preach and make you feel guilty for buying from fast fashion outlets because spending more isn’t always viable. However, I did want to make a point of highlighting the importance of ethical fashion. When money is tight for me, I regularly hit charity shops and you’d be surprised at the amount of great quality clothing you can find there! Check out my post on The Art Of Charity Shopping for some tips on thrifting and I’d love to see some of your thrift finds. Thanks for reading! 


2 Jul 2017

48 Hours In London

I do enjoy a trip to London, usually they just consist of walking around Soho, Chinatown and Dover Street Market but my most recent trip I actually had plans! On Thursday I attended the Bellfield Clothing launch party where they were showcasing a new collection at Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch. The new collection looks stellar with short sleeve shirts, denim jackets and so much more and I felt really at home with the DJs playing tracks from N*E*R*D and Jonwayne (something I don't usually hear outside of my own flat!) I asked India to be my plus 1 and her camera skills were on point as usual as our photos were spot on!

After an evening of good music, new clothes and free cider I had to get out of my Air BnB pretty early to head to the next Air BnB and get some rest before seeing one of my favourite bands of all time: The Maccabees. When I found out that they were making these their last shows I simply had to get a ticket. I was relatively late onto The Maccabees but after seeing them at Reading Festival in 2012, I was instantly a huge fan. I see Orlando Weeks as a massive source of fashion inspiration and the music he makes with the rest of the band is just incredible. 
Anyway, the show was amazing. They played pretty much all of my favourite hits including Young Lions, No Kind Words, Toothpaste Kisses, Grew Up At Midnight and so many more. It was a great finale from them and I'll forever be grateful to them for giving us such an immense discography. As much as I love London, I was very happy to head home on Saturday and get back to Cardiff. 
A very busy 48 hours  has definitely taken its toll on me, so I'm writing this post with a smoothie watching Catfish at my parent's house. Getting that balance! 

Thanks for reading, dudes. 


22 Jun 2017

My Picks From SS18

We're well into the swing of things with SS18 shows, and I've been so out of the loop! I was basically off the grid for LFWM due to work commitments and missed a big chunk of the action so this post is just a showcase of my favourite pieces from London and Paris fashion weeks. Shout out to Paul Smith & Gosha Rubchinskiy for two amazing collections!

Liam Hodges

Gosha Rubchinskiy

Paul Smith

J.W Anderson

Harry Xu


18 Jun 2017

The Short Sleeve Shirt Edit

It feels like I've not done a blog post for years, I've been sooooooo busy! But I'm back in working order now so I thought I'd check in and give you all a quick look at my short sleeve short collection (that's a tongue twister!) As I'm writing this it's 26 degrees, oh momma. So there's no better time to hopefully give you some short sleeve shirt inspiration!

Shirt #1- Vivienne Westwood

Shirt #2 - Adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams

Shirt #3 - Vintage 

Shirt #4 - Vivienne Westwood

Shirt #5 - Bellfield Clothing (20% off all full price with the code BLOG20)

Shirt #6 - H&M

I've recently bought myself a tripod too which means (hopefully) my portraits and photography will improve a lot! Keep tabs on me on Instagram.

29 May 2017

Lookbook: May 2017

Hat - Vans
Tee - Weekday (Discontinued)
Trousers - Thrifted

Hat - ASOS
Jacket - boohooMAN
Trousers - boohooMAN
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood x Grenson (Discontinued)

Hat - ASOS
Shirt - Vintage
Hoodie - Thrasher
Trousers - ASOS
Trainers - Vans

Hat - ASOS
Sunglasses - Primark
Tee - Grind London (Discontinued) 
Shirt - Vivienne Westwood (Discontinued)
Trousers - Shore Leave
Shoes - Clarks Original

22 May 2017

You're Not Failing If You're Not Flexing

How often do we log onto social media and see someone else living the most perfect life? The wardrobe we would die for, the house that we can only dream of and going on holidays that are so far beyond our reach that we can't believe they're real. We all follow people who are living this perfect life, who are top of their game. But what impact does this have on us? 

The power of social media is unbelievable. Before social media was a real force, a successful year in my eyes would have been making enough money to be comfortable and to have good health. But these days I want all of that, along with holidays to Bali, a wardrobe full of Acne Studios and a country manor which a lil picket fence and a sunflower patch. In reality my life couldn't be further away from that! I currently live in a one bedroom flat by myself and as it stands, I'm not going on holiday this year. But does this mean I'm not succeeding? Like fuck!

What we have to remember is that social media (especially Instagram) is a place where people go to flex. A place to show off your recent purchases, somewhere to show that amazing steak you ate or the place that does the most amazing flat white. We have to keep in mind that these peoples live isn't delicious coffees and new trainers all of the time.

The likelihood is that these people are working 9-5's and creating content on the side (which is a job in itself!) and they're just showing you the side of their lives that is worth showing off or even exaggerated. Take me for example: judging by my Instagram and other social media, you'd never guess that I live in a flat that can only be described as 'brown' or that I work a desk job for 40 hours a week.

By no means am I slating the people that are living 'the perfect life' if anything I'm rooting for them. Having these people at the click of a button only gives me a reason to work more and hopefully one day, I'll be the one doing yoga on a Bali beach! But if not, I'm still doing ok. In a way, I don't think 'being successful' can be measured by your air miles or how your Instagram looks. If success to you is having a large Dominos and tub of Ben & Jerry's then who's to say otherwise?


17 May 2017


Masculinity - Qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of men. ‘handsome, muscled, and driven, he's a prime example of masculinity.' Nonsense. I thought I'd have a go at a serious post for once and talk about masculinity and the problems that come with such a normalised word. 

One of the main reasons this subject comes to mind is the aftermath of the Blogosphere Magazine Blog Awards nominations announcement. As is tradition, a lot of entitled male bloggers got butthurt after finding out they weren't nominated but tried masking their saltiness by saying 'The lack of male bloggers is why I'm angry.' If I had a penny for every time I've seen this, I'd be able to buy every single male blogger their own award three times.
But it got me thinking: What is being a man? And why is 'masculinity' so fucking fragile? 

Firstly, masculinity is nothing more than a social construct. It's only a thing because we've been taught to believe that there's such a thing as a 'real man' and we've been conditioned into behaving and living our lives in a certain manner. 

Coming from a working class, council estate background I was pretty much the only male I knew who was into fashion, who didn't really enjoy underage drinking and who wasn't having sex at the age of 15. Being in that environment I was often asked if I was gay and I even remember my neighbours mum calling me a weirdo (hahaha.) Luckily for me I was able to educate myself and not fall into the trap of being consumed by the masculinity facade. But a lot of men will be sucked in and start to veer away from being themselves and instead, creating a false persona to be accepted as 'a real man.' The consequences of this can obviously be horrendous, with it affecting their health, relationships and general wellbeing. So how can we stop men slipping into the fragile whirlpool of masculinity? 

One of the most damaging factors has to be masculine consumerism. There are hundreds of male grooming brands out there that market their products to 'manly men.' Not only is this a ridiculous marketing technique because they're excluding a huge potential customer base but it also proves how fragile masculinity really is. Want to wear eyeliner? Have guy liner instead. Need to use soap? Have a man sized bar! I recently read instructions on using beard oil which read "Once you have washed your man beard, rub it dry with a manly towel (not a pink one.)" What the fuck is a manly towel? 

Along with man soap and guy liner you can also get man sized tissues, cotton buds called 'Men's Ultimate Multi-Tool' and a MAN LOOFAH called 'Detailer Shower Tool' because a loofah is perceived to be a feminine item. WTF?

So now that we're able to use manly soaps, what does it take to be a man? I don't have the golden answer, but what I can say is there is nothing more humane than just being yourself. Even if you fall into the stereotypical masculine type, as long as you're being yourself then that's the best thing you can do. In the grand scheme of things we're on this earth for a very short time, so I can only encourage people to live their best life. Want to wear skinny jeans? Wear skinny jeans! Want to have sex with people of the same sex? Do it! (With consent obviously!) Just be yourself and don't be a dick, that's the best thing you can do as a man! Peace out.