24 Oct 2016

Tall Man Eats Brunch At Little Man

Before I get stuck in to this, the title might be a little misleading to those who live outside of Cardiff. I did not eat brunch off a little man, in fact there's a coffee shop called Little Man in Cardiff town centre so please don't get it confused!

I've had coffee here numerous times in the past but I had never ate food before. I came back from London quite late last night and didn't have the chance to grab any food for the flat on the way home and when I woke up this morning there was no cereal or bread so I figured I may as well get out and give my bank card even more of a pounding.

I don't usually use the term 'brunch' as I tend to just call it 'late breakfast' but as I am a part of the blogosphere I should probably introduce it into my vocabulary. I went for the most cliched bloggers brunch but in all fairness it was glorious. I opted for a flat white coffee (which needs no justification) accompanied by smashed avocado on granary toast with a side pot of sweet tomato and chilli relish.
The relish itself was divine and spruced up an otherwise boring brunch, and the flat white hit the spot perfectly.

The shop itself recently celebrated it's second birthday with a Bake Pop Up in store and also hosts events such as poetry readings, live music and a co working space where you can pay £5 for a workspace for the day and unlimited coffee! If you're ever in the area you should definitely check it out.


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