30 Oct 2016

Current Life Situation

I'm basically here to just give you a little update/blurt out the stuff that's in my brain at the moment. Let's talk about the photo above first: I know they say stripes are slimming but this pattern clash makes me look almost non existent and about 8ft tall! I do like the outfit though which is all that matters!

I got offered a new job this week which I'm so happy about as the last few months have been awful. It's knocked the living shit out of me to be honest and was definitely the straw that broke the camels back with regards to me working in retail. Nonetheless I'm excited to get cracking with my new employers Barber Blades. I'll predominantly be running their social media accounts and just generally helping out which is awesome. I can't wait to get started! I worked at Salons International for them and it was honestly so fun it didn't even feel like work, which is always a good sign right?!

The positive energy has started to flow more naturally since I've known I'm starting a new job and I think it's evident in the way I've been conducting myself on a day to day basis. I know it's not really important but I've started to put more energy into my social media especially Twitter & Instagram and hopefully it improves the content for my blog. Having weekends off in my new job will definitely allow me to take this blog to the next level and fingers crossed it'll bring a lot more opportunities for me.

As I type this I'm listening to the (leaked) ASAP Mob mixtape and God Damn it bangs so hard. There's been so much good music this month again. I've been listening to Jonwayne's new song, Surfin' by Kid Cudi & Pharrell and Solange's new album.  I've also been watching Freaks & Geeks the last few weeks and I'm so in love with it. It's so annoying that they never made a second season but 18 episodes is a generous chunk of TV. My resemblance to Bill is so uncanny I've started to relate to him on a ridiculous level (see photo below as proof!) While I'm talking TV, it would be grand if someone could point me in the direction of somewhere to watch The Office U.S, I miss that programme.

That's pretty much me at the moment. I'm planning on doing a lot more lifestyle posts on this blog and focusing less on just FASHUN (mainly because I've been spending loads of money on clothes recently) so hit me up if there's anything you'd like to see on my blog!


28 Oct 2016

Proper Corn - Proper Nice

The guys at Proper Corn got in touch with me recently and wanted to send me a nice care package and obviously I was going to accept (have you tried their Sweet & Salty popcorn?!)

The goods I was to receive however was not popcorn, but instead Crunch Corn. You've probably never heard of Crunch Corn until now and neither had I, but after reading up about Proper Corn's unique concept I consider myself a Crunch Corn Connoisseur. The Crunch Corn has the texture of your traditional bag of nuts and the nostalgic taste of popcorn. The mind blowing thing is that they contain no nuts, they're gluten free and suitable for vegans which means they're for pretty much everybody!

Along with my care package came a pamphlet which gave me recommended drinks to go with each flavour so I thought I'd share the tips with you!

Rock Salt - The perfect accompaniment with the moreish Himalayan Rock Salt is a glass of full bodied Rioja Crianza as the saltiness will leave you craving a sweeter drink.

Salt & Pepper - With the pepper hitting your tastebuds with every mouthful, a whiskey sour will create the perfect citrusy relief that your senses will wholeheartedly be craving.

Salt & Vinegar - The acidity that oozes from a delicious pear cider will sweeten any occasion, especially one filled with these salt & vinegar kernels.

Sweet & Smoky Chilli - The smokey taste that stands out from this flavour will take you back to any summer barbecue which would have been accompanied by a refreshing Pale Ale.

I'd like to say thanks to Proper Corn for the opportunity to try these out!

*DISCLAIMER* I was not asked by Proper Corn to endorse this product, all views and opinions are my own.


24 Oct 2016

Tall Man Eats Brunch At Little Man

Before I get stuck in to this, the title might be a little misleading to those who live outside of Cardiff. I did not eat brunch off a little man, in fact there's a coffee shop called Little Man in Cardiff town centre so please don't get it confused!

I've had coffee here numerous times in the past but I had never ate food before. I came back from London quite late last night and didn't have the chance to grab any food for the flat on the way home and when I woke up this morning there was no cereal or bread so I figured I may as well get out and give my bank card even more of a pounding.

I don't usually use the term 'brunch' as I tend to just call it 'late breakfast' but as I am a part of the blogosphere I should probably introduce it into my vocabulary. I went for the most cliched bloggers brunch but in all fairness it was glorious. I opted for a flat white coffee (which needs no justification) accompanied by smashed avocado on granary toast with a side pot of sweet tomato and chilli relish.
The relish itself was divine and spruced up an otherwise boring brunch, and the flat white hit the spot perfectly.

The shop itself recently celebrated it's second birthday with a Bake Pop Up in store and also hosts events such as poetry readings, live music and a co working space where you can pay £5 for a workspace for the day and unlimited coffee! If you're ever in the area you should definitely check it out.


23 Oct 2016

A Weekend In London

Just a quick photo diary of this weekend I spent in London. I arrived Friday morning and managed to sneak in a trip to Supreme, Palace & Uniqlo before getting lost in Notting Hill and meeting my girlfriend in the evening. The rest of the weekend was spent eating shed loads of food, drinking my body weight in coffee and having the most incredible pancakes for breakfast. I also managed to pick up a lovely new floral bomber jacket from Beyond Retro in Dalston for £28 (photos below). We ate some glorious burgers at a place called Le Bun in Stoke Newington and had pancakes and flat white coffees at Chumleys also in Stoke Newington. We also managed to eat some Lebanese food at a spot across the road from Dover Street Market but it didn't look visually pleasing although it was delicious! 

I didn't buy any clothes apart from the bomber, which I dressed with a Thrasher hoodie, wide leg
chinos from ASOS (for only £12!) and of course a trusty pair of Old Skool Vans. I'm in London quite a bit lately so if there's anywhere you'd recommend just hit me up!


20 Oct 2016

October Playlist

The last two years has been ridiculous for music and even the last month or so has come through with some incredible releases. There's been releases from some of my favourites and some artists that I've never listened to before. Here's the new music I've been listening to recently.

My Favourite Part - Mac Miller ft Ariana Grande

I've never really given Mac Miller a chance and haven't listened to too much of his previous work, but this album (and song in particular) is perfect. The album is called The Divine Feminine and I'd definitely recommend a listen.

Lyk Dis - NxWorries

NxWorries are a two piece made up of Anderson. Paak and Knxwledge. After releasing the Link Up & Suede EP at the end of last year, the two have come together again to release the Yes Lawd album. Unfortunately the album is only available on Apple Music at the moment but Lyk Dis is the lead single.

Don't Touch My Hair - Solange ft Sampha

Solange (or Beyonce's sister many people will know her as) has come up with a contender for album of the year with A Seat At The Table. It would be easy for Solange to just sit back and live in Beyonce's show but this album shows that she's an artist in her own right. The video is so aesthetically pleasing but that isn't too much of a surprise, all you have to do is check her wedding photos to see her artistry.

Wop - Gucci Mane

Since Gucci was released from prison in June he's managed to knock out two albums, keeping up with his infamous work rate. This release called Woptober sees features from Rick Ross & Young Dolph. My pick from the album is Wop and is signature Gucci...Brrrrrr.

92 Bars - The Game

I think I got a bit excited when I first heard this song and I remember saying "It's the best thing he's released since Doctors Advocate." Admittedly that's a bit of an over exaggeration but this song really does bang. The Game is one of my favourite rappers of all time and I'll be the first to admit he's not done much good in recent years. However, this song is The Game's trademark sound and look out for the shots fired at Meek Mill.

Really Doe - Danny Brown ft Ab Soul, Earl Sweatshirt & Kendrick Lamar

Danny Brown is definitely a Marmite rapper. Not everybody likes him and I can understand why because his voice is definitely a bit weird but I've been a fan since his XXX mixtape with songs like Pac Blood, Bruiser Brigade and I Will. He brought the big guns in with the features on this track and Earl's verse goes hard. Lets hope for more Earl & Kendrick collaborations!

Starboy - The Weeknd ft Daft Punk

Who'd have ever thought The Weeknd would go full pop star on us? House of Balloons feels like a long time ago but Abel has stuck around and grown into a mega star. Although his subject matter is a lot more commercial and so is his sound, he's still making good music and I'm still a big fan. I'd never have thought of a Daft Punk x The Weeknd collab but I'm glad it's happened because this song is a real grower!

33 God - Bon Iver

I don't really have much to say about this song as it's pretty much universally recognised that Justin Vernon is a genius. Although previous works such as For Emma, Forever Ago were a lot more simpler than this, it's still got that signature Bon Iver sound that's so unique.

Go Outside - Viola Beach

The Viola Beach story is so, so sad. If you don't about it, the band and their manager were all killed in a car accident earlier this year while in Sweden. Since then their posthumous album went to number one and Coldplay performed one of their songs at Glastonbury. It's such a shame that we didn't get to see more of the band as they were clearly a talented group of lads.

Friends - Francis & The Lights ft Bon Iver

Again Bon Iver pops up but I can justify it because this songs is incredible. It even features and uncredited Kanye West contribution, though he is in the video for it. I hadn't heard of Francis & The Lights before this but I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for them in the future, especially after finding out this song was sampled by Chance The Rapper on his Colouring Book album.


14 Oct 2016

What I Wore: 14/10/16

October has been an expensive month; and we're not even halfway through yet! The usual adult responsibilities have been paid for (rent, bills etc) and for some unknown reason I've spent a shed load of money on clothes this month, more so than usual. I thought I'd throw together two of my newest pick ups into this outfit and chuck in a few of my old garms just for good measure.

Long Sleeve Tee - Supreme

I've also got a few more pick ups that you'll be seeing very, very soon! Keep an eye out on my social media for my latest posts Twitter Instagram


5 Oct 2016

OOTD: 5/10/16

With the summer now officially over (cry), it looks like I'm going to have to start dressing more weather appropriate and preparing for the onslaught of rain, wind and total darkness. So here's something I threw together pretty quickly which is quite heavy duty for me, but the outfit looks decent right? 

Hat: Supreme
Sweater: H&M
Denim: Levi's 501
Shoes: Kickers 
Pendant: Vivienne Westwood


2 Oct 2016

Orange: A Trend for AW16??

Left to right: 1 2

Left to right:1 2

Left to right: 1 2

Left to right: 1 2 3 


4 Things I Wish I Knew As An 18 Year Old


Things I wish I knew as an 18 year old:

You don't have to go to university

When I was 17/18 the main focus from my teachers was to get us on to the university path and ultimately give us the best chance in life. For most people I'm sure going to university was the highlight of their youth and has steered them onto the right path when it comes to their career. But personally for me, going to university was a total nightmare. I went to university to study Internet Computing and when I look back at that choice now I just think "What on earth was I doing?" Computing was never a passion of mine and I wasn't even particularly good at it, but when in school I was encouraged to take it further and at that age I was definitely easily influenced and why on earth would I not listen to the people who (I thought) knew what was best for me? It wasn't too much of a shock to me when I dropped out after 6 months and went into the world of work. I'm not saying university was a waste of time because it taught me that it definitely wasn't for me, but I do believe I was misled and sort of pressured in to going. If I was to go back and start again I'd have definitely looked at the possibility of doing a media/journalism based degree as I've found that is where my passion/talents really lie.

Don't be shy about blogging

This is only something I've really started to embrace over the last year or so and I'm so glad I did. Since I started to write for Real Clobber in April last year, I've become really confident in myself and more specifically my writing whereas in the past I was really timid about sharing anything I'd ever written.
As with many people, my first 'blogging' experience came from Tumblr which I still use to this day just a lot more sporadically. I set my Tumblr up when I was 17 and even now I'm reluctant to let people know that I use it, even though it's where I get a lot of my influences from especially fashion.

I think my shyness stems from the fact that none of my friends or anybody I know really blogs so I didn't really have anybody to seek advice from or even talk about it. But in recent times I've managed to meet a lot of likeminded people who enjoy writing and this has given me the confidence to be a lot more open about what I do.

Money isn't everything

Don't get me wrong; money is important. But I've come to find that even though I'm making money, I'm not entirely happy and there's something missing. I currently work at Vivienne Westwood which is such an amazing company to work for and it pays pretty well for retail, but it doesn't engross me in the way that a potential writing or social media job would. Like I said, the money is pretty good and I'm comfortable when it comes to being able to treat myself and it's also allowed me to move out of my parents' home. The thing that is missing and the void that I whole heartedly need to fill is job satisfaction. 7 years on from being 18 I'm still learning that being happy is greater than working for the rat race just to put food on the table and it's definitely something I'm still working on.

Believe in yourself

I'm definitely not one to get all soppy and motivational, but there's been so many times where I've been told I'm not good enough or I've been undermined and I'm now at a stage in my life where I genuinely believe I think I know what's best for me and I know a lot more than I thought I did. Whether it be at work or in day to day life there's always going to be cynics who'll try to bring you down a peg or two and I've now learnt that a lot of these people tend to be selfish beings who're so self consumed they fail to see the good in others and try to stop others from progressing or even worse doing better than them. It's definitely healthy for you to want to be the best and do better than everybody around you but I've changed my mindset to just focus on what I'm doing while also encouraging others to be the best they can.