25 Sep 2016

Latest Pick Ups x Outfit Of The Day 25/9

After spending a few days in London for Fashion Week, I've decided I really need to update my wardrobe and focus on getting a few key pieces as opposed to spending all of my money on basics in h&m and other high street stores. The issue here however is the fact that I haven't been paid for five weeks which doesn't bode well for someone like me who a) is a terrible saver and b) still hasn't quite grasped the concept of budgeting. So with my thirst for new clothes on a shoestring budget I decided to hit the charity shops in the hope of finding some new gems.

If you're a resident of Cardiff you'll know there's not really a lot of choice when it comes to charity shops, and the ones you can choose from are usually full of tat. I think the gods were looking down on me this time though as I managed to pick up two delicious new pieces which cost me under a fiver for both!

The first piece I picked up was a chocolate brown faux suede bomber jacket for £1.75. Yes £1.75! Can we all just appreciate how disgustingly cheap that is FOR A COAT? The label was marked as £3.50 but the shop was 50% off everything which made me feel like a bit of a criminal if I'm being honest, because it felt as if I was robbing them right in front of them. But nonetheless I'm over the moon with my new purchase as it is perfect timing with winter just around the corner.

My second and final pick up was (weirdly) a Mariah Carey tour t shirt. I can't really explain why I bought this, other than the fact I liked the colours?? My knowledge of Mariah Carey is as follows:
1. She wants you for Christmas
2. She had probably the most epic house in history of MTV Cribs
3. She was married to Nick Cannon.

In the time of the "Band T-Shirt" being a trend though I thought I'd try to buck the trend and steer away from the likes of Metallica, Iron Maiden and AC/DC and have a pop at something a little different. And for £2.50, who can say no to that?!

I think I may start charity shopping a lot more again so if there's anywhere in London/Cardiff you would recommend then hit me up!


21 Sep 2016

Outfit Of The Day: Day 5 of London Fashion Week

As many of you know, London Fashion Week has just passed us by! It was my first time at Fashion Week and I only made the trip to London after being invited to the N&S GAIA show which was held in a beautiful Freemason's Hall on Great Queens Street. The label based in New Delhi, is a contemporary womenswear label who explore the art of up-cycling and use sustainable fabrics where possible. Their SS17 collection is awash with a pastel colour palette and beautiful embroidered pieces. You can see the whole collection here.

With the show finishing just after midday, I had the rest of the day to stroll around Soho, specifically Brewer Street where more events were being held and I had the chance to see other show goers and more importantly what they were wearing! I managed to meet a few people there and got chatting to a smashing bloke named Zach who kindly offered to take some photos of me.

I'm wearing: Supreme X-Ray tee AW16
ASOS chinos
Vans Old Skool 

Check out Zach's Instagram and website!