31 Aug 2016

August: 2 Good, 2 Bad

As I type this I cant believe that it's actually September tomorrow. This year has gone so bloody fast I'm trying to recall what has actually happened and August has been an up and down month in all aspects. Missing Reading Festival was probably the lowest point of this month but here's the best and worst moments! 

Frank Ocean finally delivers a new album

Since Nostalgia, Ultra came out in 2011 it's safe to say I've been utterly obsessed with Frank ever since. I'll hold my hands up and say I'm a certified fan boy of Odd Future and when I first heard Frank it was a noticeable difference to the rest of the music Odd Future were making at that time. Then obviously Channel Orange came out in 2012 and shook the music world. It was the first studio album from Frank and it led to what can only be described as 4 years of heartbreak with everyone waiting for the follow up. We were promised releases on so many different occasions but we had to wait until August 20th for Blonde. We were also treated to a visual album called Endless just one day before and it led many people to believe that Endless was the actual album. A magazine called Boys Don't Cry also accompanied the album and was only available at 4 pop up stores around the world, with people selling it for over £300 which is pretty annoying considering it was actually free! The album has been well received worldwide and I'm more than happy with it. I think people's expectations were so high for the album and Frank has duly delivered, especially with the track Pink & White which features production from Pharrell and Tyler, The Creator. Now that the album is here for all of us to enjoy, I hope to see more of Frank in the next few months and I have all of my fingers crossed for a UK tour!

Trips to London

With my girlfriend being based in London for the next year I've now got a great excuse to be able to go to London whenever I want. Although my bank account is going to hate me, I'm definitely looking forward to finding more shops and things to do when I'm there. I don't know what it is about London but it has amazing pulling power for me and has so much to offer someone like me (a blogger and someone who loves to shop!) My last few trips to London have basically consisted of heading to Supreme and Palace and finding things to do in Shoreditch, although I do hope to broaden my horizons in the coming months. If you have any tips for me i.e places to eat, places to shop, just give me a shout I'll be more than happy to listen!

The Maccabees are splitting up

This is definitely the worst news I've come across this month. Don't get me wrong, I was very late to The Maccabees party but when I saw them at Reading Festival in 2012 they really blew my socks off! I remember it so well, we went to watch The Cure on the main stage and they were pretty disappointing so we headed to the NME Stage just to check them out. I'd never listened to The Maccabees before then but when they played No Kind Words I was mesmerised. I was so drunk but I remember thinking how cool Orlando Weeks was and as soon as I got home from the festival I listened to their whole discography and it's safe to say I've been a fan ever since. I managed to see them again at Reading Festival last year, this time on the main stage and they proved they were more than capable of performing in front of huge crowds on the biggest of stages. Their last album, Marks To Prove It solidified their status as one of the best British bands in recent years and they recently came to Cardiff but I didn't end up going to see them, something I regret so bad! The rumours are that they're planning to do a few farewell shows so hopefully I can get my hands on a ticket. 

Being a Cardiff City fan

Being a fan of Cardiff City has always been a rollercoaster. From being on the brink of extinction to playing in The Premier League we've always had our ups and downs but in recent months it only seems to be bad times for us. To start, we're being run by an absolute lunatic, someone who wouldn't look out of place in a South Park sketch. Ever since Vincent Tan took over the club has felt like a ticking time bomb, from the rebrand to the time he questioned our goalkeepers scoring ratio. It's common for football clubs to be run by businessmen but the usual etiquette is for them to bring in a 'football man' and leave them to cover the footballing side of things. However, Tan seems to stick his beak in every aspect of the club which includes the signing of Kenneth Zohore who conveniently played for another club that Tan owns. In recent days the club have terminated the contracts of Kagisho Dikgacoi and Federico Macheda who were both high earners at the club. From a business point of view this makes a lot of sense, however this means we've totally stripped down our squad and we're still lacking that striker we so whole heartedly need. Adam Le Fondre has been shipped out on loan again which has frustrated fans once again, and with the likes of Frazier Campbell and Kyle Lafferty being available we can only hope that the club pull their finger out and finally bring us some good news. With today being transfer deadline day I can speak for all Cardiff fans when I say I'll be watching intently in the hope that we finally improve the squad to challenge for promotion instead of being dragged into a relegation battle this early in the season! 


27 Aug 2016

Latest pick ups from London

1. Supreme X-Ray Tee 
2. Uniqlo x Keith Haring Tee 
3. Uniqlo x Music Icons (Kurt Cobain) Tee
4. Supreme Camps Caps (Black & Olive Green)
5. Miscellaneous Supreme Stickers

If you follow me on Instagram you'd have seen I was back in London earlier this week and I decided to really treat myself to some quality pieces. As with every trip to London I had to make the pilgrimage to the Supreme store and ended having to queue outside for at least half hour each time (I knew this would be the case, especially on Thursday) but I did manage to get what I wanted so I can't complain. Although the fact that I spent £115 in there isn't pleasing my bank account!

My tees from Uniqlo were also a nice treat as they only cost me £2.90 each. I can honestly say that I feel like I've robbed Uniqlo because the quality is worthy of at least £15. I'd definitely recommend Uniqlo to all of you guys, especially for basics because the quality is probably the best on the high street.

I should be heading back to London in a few weeks for London Fashion Week hopefully, so if you're about give me a shout!

16 Aug 2016

Outfit Of The Day: 16/8/16

Sweatshirt - H&M  (alternative colourways)
Tee - Uniqlo
Jeans - Vintage Levis
Socks - Uniqlo
Sneakers - Vans

Even though I checked the temperature before leaving my flat today (it was 24 degrees), I still had to take out a sweatshirt because Welsh weather is so unpredictable! My H&M sweatshirt is so perfect to just chuck on whenever the weather may take a turn and at £8 it's an absolute bargain. H&M are 100% my go to place for basics. 

I'm not the type to wear shorts very often unless I'm at a festival or on holiday so I often wear distressed jeans when it's warmer than usual. I managed to pick these up in the sale at Urban Outfitters for again only £8 which is a treat. 

One of my favourite collaborations in recent times has to be the Uniqlo x KAWS collection which produced a range of tees, tote bags and slippers. I definitely intend on buying another tee in the future (I already have two) as well as this tote which looks very handy indeed! Uniqlo are definitely the go to place for socks as well and they do a 4 for £9 deal which is an amazing deal for their great quality. 

If you haven't noticed, I'm a huge fan of Vans and especially the Old Skool silhouette. I think in the coming months I will be looking to invest in a few more pairs of shoes so if you have any recommendations I'd be more than happy to take a look!


8 Aug 2016

Looking after your shoes and trainers

In my eyes shoe are the most important part of any outfit. It's the first thing I notice in somebody's outfit, so naturally shoe care is something that's quite important to me. The idea of shoe care often passes people by as they can't be bothered to give a bit of elbow grease or they believe that once their shoes are dirty then they're finished. But that's where people go wrong! The idea of this post is to give you guys a few tips on how to clean your trainers and shoes whether they're made from leather, suede or canvas.

1. Dr Martens 1461
2. Nike SB Digi Floral Janoski
3. adidas x Pharrell Stan Smith
4. Clarks Wallabees
5. adidas NMD (Sold out)
6. Vans x Golf Wang 2015 (Sold out)

This is my current shoe rotation at the moment and as you can see, there's a nice mix of materials that can all be cleaned and serviced with ease.

Canvas & Suede

The majority of my trainers are made from canvas and are prone to getting dirty as they're worn on a day to day basis. Dirt however is not a problem, especially since I picked up my latest bit of kit which is the Crep Protect Cure pack. The contents include the liquid solution, a hog hair brush, a microfibre cloth and a handy little carry case. The solution is formed from coconut extracts, jojoba and water which ensures the content won't leave any damage to your shoes. The cleaning process is so easy:

Step 1 - Dunk brush into a bowl of warm water
Step 2 - Add several drops of cleaning solution to the brush
Step 3 - Dip brush back into a bowl of water
Step 4 - Brush shoes in a circular motion to create a lather
Step 5 - Use the microfibre cloth to wipe clean

And it's as simple as that!

The same process can be used to clean suede. My Clarks Wallabees have lasted me over two years and they're still in such good condition, and I put it down to this cleaning process. If anyone is looking for a nice pair of suede shoes I highly suggest investing in Wallabees as they're such a classic silhouette as well as being durable.


The Crep Protect Cure pack also works on leather shoes, but I prefer to use a different method to work on my leather. Dr Martens are my only current shoes that are made of leather and after paying a decent amount of money on them, I like to give them the time and attention the price tag warrants!

The process of cleaning leather for me is pretty much a DIY job and I don't use any products:

Step 1: Get an old toothbrush and rub off any caked on dirt such as mud
Step 2: Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off any grease or grime that may stick to the leather
Step 3: Grab a spray bottle and make a mixture of water and laundry detergent and apply to a cloth
Step 4: Wipe the solution over the leather and the stains should be gone! For stiffer stains, replace the water with vinegar and this will work wonders.

Storage Tips

As simple as it sounds, storing your shoes in certain ways can prevent damage and here are a few:
  • Keep away from windows. This minimises exposure to sunlight which can cause serious damage especially to canvas and suede.
  • If you have the space, keep them in boxes. This allows the shoes to stay crisp and fresh (as they should be)
  • If you don't have the space, invest in a shoe rack. Not only does it look more presentable but it also allows your shoes to kept in an organised manner.
  • Invest in shoe trees. These allow you to keep yours shoes size and shape and minimises creasing.
The guys at Farfetch have recently launched their Style Hub which features a series of fashion 'How To' videos which includes a How to Clean & Polish Shoes tutorial. Their easy to follow tips allow you to keep your kicks in pristine condition, whether it's your prized pair or your beat down sneakers that you just can't let go!

If you have any tips that you swear by, leave a comment below. I'd love to hear!