16 Jun 2016

'Get The Look' Style Challenge SS16

I've always enjoyed a challenge for as long as I can remember, whether it be the local pub quiz or that time my dad said he'd give me £10 for every goal I scored against the team at the top of the league (I scored three). So I was more than excited when I got asked to take part in The Style Challenge in association with St Davids. 

I was set a budget of £100 to put an outfit together that coincides with the current Get The Look SS16 campaign from St Davids. The challenge saw me choose an outfit from stores based in the shopping centre only, which sounds a lot harder than it actually is. With stores such as Size? and Clarks situated there I was spoilt for choice. But the stores on my hit list were the ever reliable H&M and River Island. With summer fast approaching I knew that a short sleeve shirt was a necessity and H&M had me covered. The shirt of choice features a Cuban collar and has Polynesian detailing which definitely rings out summer vibes but isn't as loud as your standard Hawaiian or floral print shirts. 

I teamed this with navy slim chinos from River Island. A general rule for a lot of people is to never mix navy and black in the same outfit, however I think the colours from the shirt really sit well with a navy lower half and isn't as much as a fashion disaster as I may have first thought! I usually like to roll the bottom of my trousers as I like to show off my socks but in this instance I opted for a shorter leg to give a cropped look, which makes the outfit feel more formal.

To finish off my summer look, I picked up a pair of taupe monk strap shoes also from h&m. They're made  of premium quality suede and have two front straps with metal fastenings to finish. As regular visitors to my blog know, I'm accustomed to wear trainers 99.9% of the time but as I'm getting older I'm slowly beginning to realise that formal shoes are a staple in any man's wardrobe. The outfit is topped off with a run of the mill plain white tee and  Vivienne Westwood belt and watch. Now that I have my first full summer outfit I'm excited to expand my wardrobe and looking forward to seeing what all you guys are wearing!