26 Apr 2016

OOTD// Abandoned Mental Asylum

 Coat - Topman (Similar here)
Long Sleeve Tee - Uniqlo (Similar here)

Now that the boring stuff (my outfit) is out of the way, it's time to talk about the location. 

We drove about two and a half hours to get to this old, abandoned mental asylum which is just past Brecon. The building itself opened in 1903 and was in use up until 2000 when it was closed down, mainly due to changes in attitudes and laws to mental health care in England and Wales. 

With the building being out of use for so long, it's understandably in a terrible state. The roofs have began to cave in, the walls are on the verge of falling down and the floors are covered in rubble, moss and have gathered years of rainwater. The owner of the building has stripped the slate from the roof and sold it on for a cushty £2 million.  

As you can probably tell, the building is really murky and scary. It didn't help my nerves when we could hear voices and at one point I ran away that reminded me of a sketch from Scooby Doo. Luckily it turned out to be other explorers but it definitely got my heart racing and stood up a few hairs on the back of my neck!

Imagery by Marcus Cazenave


9 Apr 2016


I know this blog seems to just be constant posts of "updates" because I don't check in as often as I probably should. But I do have my reasons this time around. A lot has gone on in the last three and a half months. I've moved into a new flat, I've got a new job and I've made a lot of purchases (see below for just a few.)

So first of all I suppose I'd better spill the beans about my new job. It's for the Vivienne Westwood store in Cardiff and I am absolutely over the moon about it. To work for such a highly established and recognised designer is one thing, but for someone who actively promotes resistance against gender roles, dishonest politicians and global warming makes me very proud. It's the most fun job I've ever had for sure, although I've only been there for three weeks I'm so excited to work my way up in the company and hopefully be there for a while!

As for my new flat, I've moved into a property ten minutes away from Cardiff Central. It's perfect for what me and my friend needed: a nice two bedroom flat, two bathrooms and a decent sized living room.....and a balcony of course. 

As for my non work related purchases, I've gone shoe crazy! My first pick up were the timeless Old Skool Vans. I've gone through so many colourways over the years but they're honestly my favourite silhouette of all time. Just off the top of my head I can remember owning a red pair, plain black, Golf Wang 2015 (pink) and grey. And the blue/navy option are just perfect for any wardrobe.
Secondly I decided to treat myself to some Dr Martens 1461 shoes. I've always admired Doc's from a distance but people have scared me off by saying that they're a total nightmare to break in. But I took the plunge and now it's paid dividends (after walking unnecessary distances with three pairs of socks on for two weeks.) Perfect for any occasion, I'm so glad I took the gamble on these.
The most recent addition to the shoe family was the much hyped adidas NMD. From the R1 Primeknit Monochrome Pack I was able to (somehow) cop the black option after running to Size? on my lunch break. Luckily my size was the last pair and they fit like a glove. These are so perfect for summer! Talking of summer, if any of you reading this have an idea of a festival/holiday destination that you would recommend, that would be great! 

I promise i'll be updating this more often now I'm back on my feet. In the meantime if you want to get in contact (or recommend a good holiday for me) hit me up on Twitter & Instagram.