3 Jan 2016


So I guess the thing to do as a blogger at the beginning of every year is to reflect on the year that has just passed, as well as try and foresee what lies ahead for us in the forthcoming year. It's almost 1 am as I pick my brain to find memorable moments from 2015, with Bombay Bicycle Club's discography playing in the background. I didn't get to see them live last year as I did in 2013 and 2014, but fortunately I did get to see a lot of my favourite artists including Foals, Kendrick Lamar and Nas. After going to Parklife and Reading Festival, I got to tick off many artists from my 'to see list.' Seeing Grandmaster Flash in Amsterdam was also one of my highlights in a year that started relatively slowly. 2015 started off with a lot of optimism which was hard to upkeep as days and months went by, working in a horrible job and having little money were the main reasons my optimistic mindset ultimately slipped into a pessimistic state. Applying for mediocre jobs and not even receiving an email stating that you've been declined is soul destroying for anybody and to be quite frank, makes you feel as if your future lies in the mind numbing field that pays you the bare minimum. Obviously it's not all about money, but there has to be some sort of job satisfaction. But in this case there wasn't.

Anyway, I've digressed terribly. As the year went on I was able to secure myself a new job. It's not the sort of job you dream of, but nevertheless, change of scenery and gaining experience is imperative to growing as a person professionally and socially I guess. My new position has given me the opportunity to spread my wings, to an extent, as I am now working in both Cardiff and Bristol. Spending time in Bristol has helped me realise that Cardiff as a city just isn't where my future lies. I'm not saying that Bristol is where I aspire to be, but to know that there's more out there is a positive.

I think the year was just a period of consolidation. Getting a new job, going to a couple of festivals and gigs and a trip to Amsterdam seems like a success but I also felt 2015 had a lot of unfulfilled potential.

So what's in store for 2016? Well, first and foremost I'm off to London on Monday morning for a training day with work. I do intend on spending a few hours shopping whilst I'm there as I don't get the chance to go to London nowhere near as much as I'd like too. I think London is one of my favourite places. The fast paced environment, the architecture and the fact that there's always stuff to do is so appealing to me. It makes a change from my everyday experiences in smaller cities like Cardiff and Bristol.

The long term plan for 2016 is still undecided thus far. I think my priorities lie in moving out and progressing further with regards to work and hopefully putting more effort into my blog. It's highly likely that I'll attend a festival or two as well as a luxury holiday (fingers crossed.) I've had trips abroad in recent years, but I want a real holiday of just sun, unlimited food and drink and a chance to relax. It also looks as if the year ahead will be great for music with Kanye set to release an album and hopefully a Frank Ocean album!

I fully intend to blog and write much more this year but if you ever catch me slacking, just get in touch and tell me to pull myself together!